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“I am forever changed by our Sacred Amazon Medicine Initiation last year, and I’m grateful for you leading that journey.” 

Adrianne Tamar Arachne
visionary artist & astrologer
Claire Rumore

“It feels like a quantum leap in evolution was made possible . . . Ways of being that were no longer serving came to a hard stop.”

Claire Rumore
coaching counselor
Lauren Schiermeyer

“I feel really profoundly different. Because it’s in the subconscious, I can’t really describe it, but my relationship and the way I’m living my life are really profoundly different. I’m having a lot of fun! I don’t know how this is working, but it’s working! Resistance was a tug-of-war inside, but now, even with just this short period of time to work on it, it’s in effortless flow.”

Lauren Schiermeyer
licensed acupuncturist, mom, servant for the Sacred

“This was a true experience of healing through vibration and light. After all the doctors I’ve been through and all of that, I realized “this is true healing.” Everything is just humming.”

Victoria Klocek
cancer survivor, superstar mom & dakini

“Wonderful work, Amanda! . . . I would come to see you. You are a true healer.”

Jo Sopko
MFT Amanda’s practicum internship supervisor CIIS

“Amanda, you are so awesome! I’ve enjoyed basking in your energy and can’t wait till our paths cross again!”

Bob Doyle
author of Wealth Beyond Reason, teacher of the Law of Attraction & featured on “The Secret”
jason parker

“It was an absolute blessing getting to spend so much time with you Amanda! You have a heart and soul that is so authentically present and giving it is easy to understand how you make such an amazing difference in people’s lives!”

Jason Parker
Olympic silver medalist, politician

“What a balanced, inclusive and inspiring circle this has become. Amanda knows her stuff, no question. This is a sacred/friendly/safe space for all of us to swirl amongst divine and intentional energies and healing. Oh, and did I mention magic? That, too. Satisfied and nourished.”

Mandy M

“Working with Amanda was perfect and it was well worth it!”

Nanci Pritchard
poet, priestess, yogini

“After you came and talked to our group, that night I had a dream that my hair had grown back. I felt the happiest I have ever felt since the cancer diagnosis!” 

Anonymous Cancer Warrioress

“Wow… that was AMAZING! All of those practices you used and invited us to use were soooo powerful. I want more!” 

Jessica V
sound engineer

“If you are ready for a deep soulful dive into the Divine Feminine filled with magic, love and adventure, then dive heart and head first into one of Amanda’s powerful circles – you will never be the same (in a good way!!). She is a beautiful, divine and oh-so-wise guide for any woman daring enough to take the adventure.”

Christine Arylo
author of Choosing ME before WE & Founder of Madly in Love with ME

“Amanda, this Newsletter is such a beautiful gift. I am posting it on my Facebook page. Thank you again Amanda, for opening your doors and inviting me in. Here’s to transformation and all the wisdom it brings.”

Donna Davis
women’s leader, life coach

“Before I came to see Amanda, I was lost in space and overwhelmed with concern and worry about my health. The fear created an extra layer of stress and pain in my body. After seeing Amanda for just a few sessions, I feel tremendous relief. I'm being supported in moving into the fear and finding the natural wisdom I hold within myself. I feel peaceful, graceful and more confident as I heal. I trust my body again (and it trusts me).”

Sage McClive
yoga instructor & body worker

“I can be with my anger, now, without being afraid of it. I can express my anger and still stay in balance. Thank you for the gift of you.”

Kathleen F
spiritual counselor

“Amanda is a supremely capable and skilled healing arts practitioner that I highly recommend without hesitation or reservation.”

Brian Dietrich
MFT Amanda’s practicum clinical supervisor- Institute for Health and Healing

“I was referred to Amanda shortly after my fiancé and love of my life passed away quickly and unexpectedly from a fast-growing cancer. At the time, Amanda was hosting a grief group, but I quickly became an individual client of hers. I was in such a deep state of mourning and loss, that I literally could not find meaning in any part of my life or anyone else’s. Through Amanda’s amazing, compassionate, unique, multi-dimensional and truly soulful and heart-centered work, I was able to climb my way out of my deep state of grief and depression. Even more incredible, I was also able to work through a number of deep-seated personal issues that I had carried with me since early childhood which I had not even realized had colored my world view and kept me from my true light and joy my entire life. I am so grateful to have found Amanda and to have received the life-lasting benefits of her work — she enabled me to exceed my own wildest expectations of the progress I was capable of making and to find meaning and happiness in my life again in ways I had never even though possible before meeting her!”

Tara M


“I’m amazed by the work I’m doing with Amanda. I’m 50 years old, and I’ve had several therapists over the years, including Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, and MFT’s… Amanda has helped me more than any of the others, and maybe than all of them combined. I believe she goes right to the core of my issues and transforms them… or better than that, allows ME to transform them. Amanda has a keen intuition about where and who I am, and she’s able to describe all that I’m feeling better than I can at times. I feel so seen by her, and completely supported. She is a true ally, but is always looking out for how I can access my own power within myself.

The kind of shadow work we’re doing is really changing how I’m being in the world. I’m not feeling stuck in the way I was for the past several years. I feel more empowered, and at choice in my life. My self-confidence, and self reliance is significantly improved, I can access all the love I need from within myself! That is huge!”

Kristal J

social catalyst

“Working with Amanda and participating in her circles helped me step confidently into the express lane toward my own personal growth and transformation. Amanda has the ability to see through to the core of each individual and reflect back his or her highest divine beauty and wisdom, while cutting through unhealthy patterns or old stories that may dim the light of the soul. Anyone who chooses to work with Amanda has signed on for a magical ride! She is a compassionate, wise, and powerful teacher with a wealth of education and different mystic lineages in her repertoire of knowledge to assist her transformational work.”

Nicolle A

superstar mom, HR manager

“During my guided visualization with Amanda, she helped me to see certain issues I have been having in wholly novel ways. Since the session, I have been able to approach specific, practical problems in my work life with a newly constructive sense of purpose and direction. By surrendering to Amanda’s gentle and intuitive — and inspired — guidance during the session, I came to understand my relationship to my work in a new, clearer, and more actionable way. Amanda’s gift is to be able to help people look at old things in new ways, and to enable them to transform themselves in the process.”

G. Dicum

writer & rockstar parent

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