Pain: a love story

Admitting to ourselves that we could have a better life is hard sometimes – especially if we have a “not good enough” wound. That realization sits right on that wound a pours the salt in generously. The the realization that we have to go in and feel all the feelings in order to heal them and let them go can feel like too much to take on. It’s easier to just sink back into the denial and the old coping mechanisms and hope that someone or something else will offer a quicker, easier relief.

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3 Signs Of Subconscious Patterns

Hey SuperSTAR! I’m so excited to announce that my new book, “Spiritual Composting: Turning Your Shadow Into Your Greatest Ally” is now available on Kindle! This book is an offering of love to help all you DIY’ers to learn the simple (but not always easy) step-by-step process for identifying and rewriting painful, stuck, subconscious patterns.…

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Guilty About Being Happy? Here's A Solution.

Have you ever found yourself feeling guilty about being happy? Or held a judgment that it’s not right to be successful or joyful or lighthearted when there is so much pain, poverty and suffering in the world? I have and have found that most of my clients are held back by this guilt for all…

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No Such Thing As Self Sabotage

Can you believe it? Yup, there is no such thing as self-sabotage. Watch this 3 minute video to get this radical, life-changing scoop. And if you like what you’ve heard, maybe you want to sign up for my newsletter where you’ll get extra gifts, tips and other goodies (like the inside scoop to my upcoming…

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Want To Know My Biggest Secret?

Hey Superstar! I’m so excited to be back into making my video blogs. I know many of you were disappointed when I stopped. I was too! But it was important for me to focus on remaking my business. Now the structure is strong and elegant and operating smoothly so I can now dive back into…

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Work got you in the fetal position?

I just had to share this hilarious article from The Onion. And reflect that, well, it’s funny because it’s true. We love these jabs about our jobs, but deep down, most of us, at least 2 out of 3 according to studies, are doing work that we don’t feel passionate about. In fact, 66% of…

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F*@k Monday!

Your alarm goes off and your whole body screams “NO!” as you hit the snooze, dreading another day at a j.o.b. that pays your bills, but is killing your soul. You down some coffee (cold, because it’s from yesterday) and rush out the door, once more beating up on yourself because you were going to…

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Getting Below the Surface

Hey, SuperSTAR! I want to apologize for not posting here last week. I’ve had some unexpected and currently unexplained physical challenges that kept me from doing a video. I did, however, send out a newsletter, so if you’re not on my mailing list, here’s a great reason to join up now (it’s right up there…

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Speaking Grief

Grieving Statue

Hey SuperSTAR! Apparently, the intensity is not letting up. Are you feeling it? EVERYONE I talk to is going through a hard time. There are LOTS of feelings: old, new, who knows from where, bubbling up right now. If you’ve been riding waves of emotion, you are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE! It’s all over the place.…

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Talk truthy to me

Blue Priestess w/Mirror by Kareva Margerita

Hey SuperSTAR! Wow, it is so uncanny! The Goddess always shows up potently in sync with the archetypes we are focusing on in the Living Wisdom School! The Goddess of Transformation we are focusing on this month is the Initiatress, who helps us bring ourselves, our relationships and our experiences into alignment with our highest…

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Un-Break Your Self

The High Tea Cast

Hey SuperSTAR! Have you ever felt broken? Like, there were either too many times you made bad decisions, or too many f*&ked up things happened to you to cause damage for you to EVER get on track and have a good life? Or maybe life’s knocks have somehow convinced you that what you thought might…

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Step Away from the Mundane

tsunami hitting buildings

Hey SuperSTAR *|FNAME|*! Has this ever happened to you? Those waves of negativity that roll in and EVERYTHING SEEMS WRONG? I’m a pretty die-hard optimist, with a strong faith that I am guided by sacred guardians and allies and, despite challenging times, I will always come out ahead, and then . . . Something can…

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Releasing Shame

Holding Head in Shame

Hey SuperSTAR! If you are a human being who, like the majority of us, can feel the difference between right and wrong (ie: NOT A SOCIOPATH), you dance with shame on a regular basis. Some of us do it more than others, but truly, if we are feeling human beings, one of those feelings that…

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Reclaim Your Body

Hey SuperSTAR! How many times have you felt like you needed to alter the way you dress so that you would be treated better? Whether it was making yourself look sexier or hiding your sexy self so you wouldn’t get harassed, most of us goddesses have felt like we had to manipulate our authentic self-expression…

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Turn your GRRRR into Bio-Fuel

Hey SuperSTAR! Have you ever noticed how exhausting stress can be? It taxes the immune system and makes your whole nervous system all haywire. The worst part of it is that it’s usually during stressful times that we most need our precious energy. What if you could transform your stress into helpful energy for your…

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