September 15


10:30 am - 09:30 pm

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Amanda Elo'esh Johnsen, MA


Center for Living Wisdom

Private Residence: East Oakland Hills (Address provided upon registration), Oakland, CA 94605

Oakland, CA, US, 94605

Are you seeking deeper connection with Source?

Are you curious about or already exploring natural and spiritual ways of healing your mind, body & spirit?

Is Plant Medicine, Indigenous Wisdom or the Sacred Feminine calling you?

Coming together in a sacred space, with like-hearted community, to share your prayers, be seen in your magnificence and lovingly supported in your vulnerability is the most potent way to heal.

You are warmly invited to bring your full, authentic self to our quarterly healing ceremony for all genders.

We work consciously with the healing medicine of Huachuma for unimaginable happiness, gentle healing, quantum shifts, and deepening community. 

All that is required is to come in a good way and make a prayer for your life.

“The only thing that will change . . . is your whole life.” ~Barrett Eagle Bear

At the altar

Join us for a day-long integrative sacred plant medicine ceremony that is open to all genders and all who come in a good way. A circle of superstars attuning more deeply into the secrets of Indigenous Wisdom & Sacred Feminine Mysteries.

If you are feeling pulled towards 

+ More Trustworthy Relationships & Sacred Community

+ More Meaning in your Life & Authentic Self-Expression

+ Gentle yet Quantum Shifts in your Healing & Personal Development . . .

This is your safe and sacred space to shift old patterns and that which you have not been able to heal on your own and get help from all that wishes us well that is greater than us so that you can truly live your noble purpose, prosper without selling your soul, and connect with Source and a diverse and like-hearted community of people who are coming together for healing and transformation.

You are warmly invited to JOIN US on SUNDAY from 10:30am until completion (usually by 9pm) to be seen fully, supported fully, and held fully.

Praying at the Tenacious Oak

You’ll experience . . .
+ The catalyzing nature of the Sacred Huachumita plant medicine 
+ Healing & Renewal in a beautiful nature-surrounded retreat center
+ Activating Your Evolved Consciousness

Our daylong ceremony circle flow:

We start with a round of prayer with the Plant Medicine — Sacred Huachumita (San Pedro, served in a micro dose or homeopathic amount, offered safely and legally through Medicine Path Native American Church). You can even choose to make a prayer with the Medicine without ingesting and still receive deep, nourishing healing.

Open every cell of your body with sound healing and guided imagery journey from Amanda to bring your prayers and the Medicine deep into your cellular structure.

After the sound healing, you’ll have time to move, journal, get personal support or simply rest and receive the deep healing you prayed for.

Once our journey work is complete, we will come together as a circle and each participant can share about your downloads, ahas, or anything about the journey you want to offer – and be witnessed in your process.

We then complete the ceremony with a Chanupa blessing.

We complete the day with a Wopila/potluck dinner to help us to ground in and enjoy connecting as walking miracles in sacred community.



Amanda Elo’Esh is building the world’s greatest heart-centered community of spiritually connected leaders and healers who want to create a purpose-driven life of prosperity. She helps heart-centered professionals to find their own personal connection with Source, free from gurus, dogmas or religions, so that you can break free from limitations and to live your purpose and prosper. 

Amanda has been a channel of the Sacred Feminine teachings her whole life and has taught and lead ceremony all over the world, including Oroville India, Bali, and locally in the Bay Area (including Google!). Amanda is educated in Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy and is initiated into several shamanic healing traditions including Shipibo Ayahusca.

She is an ordained priestess and medicine woman for Medicine Path Native American Church. 


The financial contribution you are making for participation in ceremony covers only the basic cost of the ceremony space and a minimal contribution towards sustaining the life of our Medicine Woman and our guest teacher. We have a “no refund” policy to maintain a solid financial and energetic container for each ceremony. Please make sure you are committed to attend ceremony. Asking for a credit toward future ceremonies then creates a deficit for the future ceremony and does not support the sustainability of these ceremonies being offered at cost.

First Nation People are welcome to attend ceremony for sacred reciprocity/heart-based donation and none will be turned away.

Our Medicine ally is offered freely to all who come in a good way. You are welcome, if called, to offer an additional financial contribution via PayPal ( or cash and can be offered to the assistant or at the main altar before or after ceremony begins. THANK YOU for helping us to keep these ceremonies sustainable! All income is tithed to the Native American Church, Pachamama Alliance and other Indigenous causes.



These ceremonies include burning incense, plant derived floral waters, essential oils, and other healing modalities that can be a challenge for sensitive people. We are happy to open windows and doors to clear out the space, however, it is standard practice to include these healing