January 4


06:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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Amanda Elo'esh Johnsen, MA


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Oakland, CA 94605

Oakland, CA, US, 94605


Please check your spam/junk emails for information on directions and preparation. This was sent out a few days ago and it doesn’t always land easily in inboxes. Not sure why. I’m including ceremony preparation and directions at the bottom of the event info just in case you can’t find it in your email 😀

Step into the Temple of the Dark Goddess, Cacao 

Explore Her Infinite Mysteries to Awaken Your Sovereigness with this Delicious Journey into the Void.

This ceremony will include movement, stillness, sisterhood connection and sound healing to Manifest Abundance, Magnetize Love & Access Your Source Code. 

We’re also very excited to announce that we will have live electronic music, intuitively and improvisationally created for our experience, brought to you by Gerwin Hoppe, from Austria.


In our time together you’ll connect with our soulful sisterhood, nourish your body and awaken your senses as you receive the luscious wisdom of this Ancient Goddess known indigenousely as Ixcacao and to the rest of the world as . . . Chocolate.

You’ll drink Her luscious, ancient sacrament, pure, indigenous Ashaninka Cacao, mixed with honey and a few other special, traditional herbs*** to support each journey and drop into Her sensual awakening in a ceremony of movement, stillness, renewal and vision.

You’ll be guided into a deep spiritual journey to receive healing as well as enjoy a luscious sound bath and ecstatic movement in our safe Sacred Feminine circle.

  • Manifest Abundance – Womb Wisdom 

  • Magnetize Love – Heart Opening 

  • Access Your Source Code – Crown Activation

***cayenne, lavender, ashwaganda . . . (nothing entheogenic or psychedelic)

Cacao with sound bowl

Cacao has been a part of ritual and ceremony for the Mesoamericans for thousands of years. It was used, traditionally, only by royalty and is said to be the food of the gods – theobroma. It was used as a spiritual elixir, sacred healing medicine, and is a potent aphrodisiac.

Cacao is an amazing superfood that contains unique compounds that activate alchemical transformation in the mind, body, and spirit. Anandamide (the “bliss chemical”) alters consciousness and activates the heart and the womb in ways that support blissful healing and opening to higher vibrations.

This magical elixir, offered in ceremony, creates a euphoric journey which expands consciousness and your capacity to do deep inner healing in a way that is gentle and deeply pleasurable and nourishing.

There’s no better way to heal and transform than with this delicious sacrament.

Cacao in hand

Facilitated by Amanda Elo’Esh

Amanda Elo’Esh is an ordained minister for Medicine Path Native American Church, and initiated into several shamanic traditions in Central and South America. She offers Sacred healing ceremonies that weave in Indigenous and Sacred Feminine Wisdom as well as personal Spiritual Success Mentoring.

Music by Gerwin HoppeGerwin & Amanda NYE 2019

Gerwin is a soundscape artist and music producer who creates “field” experiences that take the listener deep into the inner realms. He’s performed in Europe and is making his debut with this project here in the US for the first time.

GENDER NOTE: We support a very inclusive container. We honor the non-binary gender fluidity that is blossoming. Please come with an open mind and heart to include all who are seeking renewal in this feminine container.

Cacao Ceremony Preparation


Thank you for joining us for a deep and nourishing ceremonial connection with the master plant healer, Cacao. And thank you for taking the time to read everything here so that you can arrive prepared in a good way and receive as much as possible from this healing offering.


11270 Sun Valley Dr. Oakland, CA 94605

To honor our neighbors and residents we ask that you read and follow these guidelines for parking.





Once you have dropped off your personal belongings that you will need for the ceremony you are attending, you may need to park off the property (unless otherwise arranged with a resident or facilitator).

**Can you pull around to the right side of the garage and park on the dirt there? If so, please do that, pulling as far forward as possible to leave space for others. If the spaces to the right of the garage are full, see if there are some spots to the left as you drive up the driveway. If there are more than 4-5 cars there, then use these other options.


Commonwealth Dr. (which is the street that is directly across the street at the bottom of the driveway) often has some parking. If that is full or if you want to avoid walking up the steep driveway, turn right at the driveway and then right again at the end of Sun Valley Dr. onto Grass Valley Rd. You will very quickly come to the “Clyde Woolridge Staging Area,” which is a dirt parking lot. You can park here but there is no overnight parking. You can then take the lovely, scenic 3 minute walk to our back gate on the Goldenrod Trail. Simply head East on the dirt trail that starts at the staging area. You’ll see horse stables on the right and you’ll see our home (looks like a large white English Tudor) with a brown wooden fence. Please enter through there and it will be easy to find your way to the ceremony.




6:30 – 10pm

Please arrive with plenty of time to park and get situated. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late, admission is not guaranteed and refunds are not available for last-minute cancellations.



Please bring:

  • Pillows, blanket, pads to make a nice nest for yourself. There are some pillows, but it’s great to make your own cozy space. And wear comfortable clothing you can lay down in, move in and feel fabulous in

  • Water bottle with lid

  • Snacks for after our journey (it can build up an appetite)

  • Journal and pen



This ceremony is for feminine beings. We embrace and include all who identify being in their feminine, regardless of how they present outwardly. Please come with an open heart and mind to welcome all who are seeking to heal, nourish and celebrate their feminine nature.


These ceremonies are welcome to all who come in a good way. Please comport yourself responsibly and honor the requests of the facilitator and assistants for the safety and potency of our healing container. Anyone who cannot be in our ceremony in a good way will be supported in leaving the space safely.


If you have any questions, please text Amanda: 415-717-2963.