How to Skip Timelines

Let’s take a little journey into the multiverse together . . .

Imagine your body as a semi-dense swirl of microscopic stars that are vibrating as the sum total of your mental, emotional, and “physical” frequencies combined along with your karmas, your spiritual energy, and every other layer of you that exists in relationship to the “you” your conscious self perceives.

It is loosely configured into the shape of your physical body, but again, is simply a conglomeration of pulsing radiant particles.

Now, imagine all of the space between those particles. While it exists inside the general shape of “your body,” that space is available to be filled with the sacred motion through the cosmos we are experiencing as we move through space in the form of rotations of the Earth, the expansion of the Universe, and the general movement of our solar system through the vast space of the known and unknown . . . the multiverse.

Continue to connect with this self, full of microscopic stars dancing about, and all of the limitless layers of energy that make up the multiverse and all of the infinite possibilities and timelines that are moving through the empty space in between those dancing stars.

And imagine that the frequency of “you,” that sum total of your mental, emotional, and “physical,” as well as spiritual, karmic, auric . . . layers are, in each moment, creating a shared resonance that choice-by-choice manifests your reality. Each choice being a timeline that is resonating with the frequencies you are cultivating within yourself based on what you think, feel, speak, eat, move, etc . . .

So, what's your reality?

If this was your reality, how would it impact the words you spoke? Would you be more willing to do what it takes to release negative thoughts and feelings? How would it influence your decisions and behaviors? I really want to know! Send me a message . . .

This was my vision at my altar recently. Not a particularly new concept, but shown to me in this new way that has been profoundly deep and it’s helping me to be more mindful of each word, tone, thought, decision, and movement I make.

What timelines am I allowing to show up and play out based on the frequencies I cultivate for myself?

I can almost feel the quantum fields flowing through me as I write these words now. Simply tuning into it takes me to the place that a DMT journey might.

What’s your perception of the multiverse and its impact on you, and yours on it?

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