Living Wisdom School

Sacred Feminine & Plant Medicine Healing Ceremonies


The Circle is NOW OPEN

“We are the ONES NOT WAITING ANYMORE” ~Amanda Elo’Esh



  • You have ever felt you had to stay small to be safe (but deep down you know you’re a Queen, a Priestess, a Goddess, a SuperSTAR)
  • You long to create a purpose-driven life of prosperity, but not sure how
  • You crave deeper connection with the Sacred Feminine,  Sisterhood and Spirituality that EMPOWERS




  • You are not willing to explore and learn to embrace your shadow
  • You are not yet ready to step out of your comfort zone to live a purpose-driven life of prosperity
  • You are not committed to your personal growth and evolution



The Living Wisdom School is committed to empowering Women Leaders who are attuned to the Sacred Feminine and Indigenous Wisdom Ways. If you are called to make a difference and value sisterhood, this is your place to blossom.


  • Sacred Feminine Ceremony
  • Group Integration & Support Calls
  • Sacred Feminine Archetypal MP3 Teachings with Amanda Elo’Esh & Penny Slinger
  • Lifetime Membership On-Line Forum
  • Featured Business Link
  • Weekly Live Transmissions from the Goddess
  • Growing On-Line Priest:ess Resource Guide & References

APPLY NOW – Spaces are limited and filling up

*You MUST be personally invited by Amanda Elo’Esh into the circle. Personal interviews are available on a first-come, first serve basis. To claim your complimentary interview, please sign up for a 60 Minute “Break Through To Success” Discovery Session HERE.


“If you are ready for a deep soulful dive into the Divine Feminine filled with magic, love and adventure, then dive heart and head first into one of Amanda’s powerful circles – you will never be the same (in a good way!!). She is a beautiful, divine and oh-so-wise guide for any woman daring enough to take the adventure.”
~ Christine Arylo, author of Choosing ME before WE & Founder of Madly in Love with ME



WHEN: We meet on the SECOND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH from 11:11am until 9:39pm.  You will have an accountability partner to support you in your prayers, visions and intentions and to help you dance more gracefully with your shadow. 

WHERE: We gather at The Center for Living Wisdom in the East Oakland Hills of California, a beautiful & secluded, private land with a Temple, Sacred Fire Circle, access to 1,000+ acres of natural land and more. Address provided upon payment & registration.


img_3098WHAT: We share a health-centered, gluten-free potluck meal at dinner time (organic, sugar-free whole foods are strongly encouraged & special dietary needs are shared and honored based on who’s in the circle).

HOW: We use ritual, play, archetypal embodiment, working with the elements and sacred arts to connect with Indigenous Wisdom and the Sacred Feminine in a way that will help you to safely release your inner Wild Woman, grow your Divine Feminine Nature & shed the layers that have kept you small and disconnected from your own inner source of wisdom and power.

WHO: This group will be less than 20, extraordinary women who have the ability to honor all the agreements set forth for safety and maximizing JOY.IMG_1660


Each month we gather for one full day in a sacred circle to feed the Divine Feminine and learn from Her directly through: OPTIONAL Micro-Dose of Sacred Plant Medicine (Huachuma/San Pedro), ritual, sacred arts, guided journeys, altar work, direct communion with Nature & the Elements, interactive experiences and didactic offerings.

Being a LIVING Wisdom School, whatever gifts each initiate brings to the circle both cultivated and newly sprouting in the moment are welcomed, nourished and celebrated.

We also welcome the shadow here and recognize that the shadow is a beautiful teacher and guide who is a welcomed guest. Everything that shows up is considered perfect and a gift from the Goddess.

Tuition for the Living Wisdom School is requested to be paid in full at the beginning of the circle. Monthly payments can be arranged, but please know that your financial contribution is requested despite your ability to be present at each circle as an energetic exchange to keep the integrity of the circle.




Month 1 Divine Mother: Entering the Sacred Womb of the Great Mother

Learn how to enter sacred space, Honoring the wisdom of the Womb & the Blood Mysteries

Month 2 Goddess of Compassion: Centering Within the Heart of Compassion

Liberate self & familial lines from negative Karma & Cultivate compassion through releasing judgment & projections

Month 3 Priestess: Tending the Temple of the Divine

Learn how to create sacred space & Develop skills for deciphering symbols and the language of the Divine

Month 4 Creatress*Preserver*Destroyer: Looking into the Smoky Mirror* Releasing Fear & Illusion

Learn to look at shadow for wisdom, holding Healthy Boundaries & Releasing stuck energies in the body


Month 5 Lady of Communion: Hearing the Songs of Nature

Awakening the Indigenous Soul by Honoring  & Cultivating our Relationship with All Elements of Life, Courting the Holy in Nature & working with Directions * Elements * Power Animal

Month 6 Muse: Sacred Play to Awaken the Divine Child

Learn how to use & create games to Inspire & Delight the Spirit, Reclaiming Innocence for the Divine Child & Awakening the Divine Fool using Laughter as Medicine

Month 7 Goddess of Love: Delighting in the Body as a Temple

Enjoy sensual Awakening in the Sensorium, Let go of comparisons & “not enough”-ness & Learn RADICAL Self-Love

Month 8 Primal Goddess: Shedding the Skin of Inauthenticity & Awakening the Primal Spirit

Explore where you still hold yourself back from authentic self-expression, Learn to recognize & utilize Kundalini Energy & Honor its Power in our Lives and Dancing the Animal Soul


Month 9 Initiatrix: Wielding the Sword of Truth

Speaking truth for Self-Initiation and a healing world & Learning Courage to stand in Integrity

Month 10 Wise Woman: Carrying the Sacred Bundle

Learn to Recognize the perfection of all things & Cultivate heart knowing & Unity Consciousness : Mitaque Oyasin

Month 11 Dreamer~Weaver: Dreaming our Mythology & Weaving the Web of Creation

Learn mythical story telling (conscious use of words & patterns), How to work with the Dream World & the Manifestation Magic of Spider Woman

Month 12 Midwife of Death: Dancing through Transition with Grace & Ease

Learn the art of Grief & Praise, how to let go after loss  & how to Birth yourself through the release of attachment


Remembering the self as deliciousness for the Holy

Month 13 Alchemical Goddess: The Art & Alchemy of Spiritual Composting

Turning pain into superpowers, Honoring our path with Lineage Gifts & the Celebratory Feast



1. We are all perfect and Divine. There is nothing imperfect about any person or any circumstance. Our aim is to accept and dance with the perfection of what IS.

2. The wounding and “shadow” we carry with us is a precious teacher that holds pearls of wisdom and, very likely, the keys to our Divine Purpose in this life time. Our goal is to understand, embrace and allow this wounding to guide us and, therefore, manifest mutual transformation from the small, limited “wounded” ego-self into the fully actualized Light Being*Star Seed*Wisdom Keeper we know ourselves to be.

3. We hold inside of us all the wisdom we need to follow our Divine Path and answer our Soul’s calling in this lifetime. There are many ways of REMEMBERING * uncovering & illuminating that path. Our mission is to share the practices we have found to be most helpful & honor that each individual can and will make a fully embraced decision for herself as to her path of full actualization.

4. Every feeling, thought, story and idea we have is a reflection of our personal experience, which we have the power to change, especially with the support of sacred witnesses. While these are very real, we recognize that this may not be anyone else’s truth. As a sacred circle of witnesses, we choose to let go of “right/wrong” thinking and simply allow our true reflections and the reflections from the circle to help us see ourselves more clearly. Everything is information and there is no hierarchy of truth. Each member of the circle gets to decide what she will do with these reflections.

5. There is no agenda of growth held for any individual. Each member of the Living Wisdom School chooses her own path, pace and participation level to serve her highest good. While we believe it important to invite movement into the uncomfortable and unfamiliar, we respect the boundaries and limitations each participant holds for herself.

6. We, as humans, are never done growing, and there is no such thing as absolute knowledge in human form. Divine Wisdom is ever expanding and requires the human mind to continue to let go, open and expand as well. Therefore, the LIVING aspect of the Living Wisdom School requires constant change. We are here to invite expansion, for each other, in ways that may be uncomfortable, but must be safe and respectful. As participants, we recognize we will likely feel uncomfortable feelings, and it is our self-authorized responsibility to decide whether to push beyond the comfort, or whether we need to keep ourselves safe. These decisions will always be honored with deep respect and compassion.

7. Competition is destructive. Cooperation is life-giving. We choose to see where we are being triggered into competitive, comparing, jealous, judgmental thinking and give ourselves permission to acknowledge these feelings and seek help to learn and grow through them.

8. Being human, vulnerable, “imperfect,” and fallible is not only accepted, it is embraced and is the starting point for all growth into something bigger & better. We, as sacred witnesses, choose to value and honor these qualities in our sisters and celebrate when an individual can accept and love herself for ALL parts she carries in her being.

9. We choose not to “fix” or “heal” our sisters. We recognize that our SELF is our primary responsibility in this lifetime and frequently, the desire to step out of that responsibility to “help” someone else can be a form of abandonment. We choose, in the Living Wisdom School, to continue to stay focused on our own personal growth & healing and offer support outside of ourselves only as it is called upon.

10. We recognize that advice, medicine, instruction and any other form of external supplement to our own process must be received with personal authority and discernment. We choose for ourselves what we take in and what we do not. No matter what is being offered or participated in, we honor our own inner knowing FIRST.

11. We recognize that transformation does not stay compartmentalized and that this experience is likely to change EVERYTHING. Dissolution of that which no longer serves will be accelerated. We acknowledge that we do not have control over that which dissolves and that which remains. We choose to stay committed to the circle and to ourselves so that we have continuous support and recognize that our reliable participation is essential for a strong and safe container.

12. ALL beliefs are honored. All practices and actions that honor the foundations of this Living Wisdom School will be embraced and treated without prejudice. As we bump up against old wounds and limiting thought-forms that are uncomfortable with new ways which honor the life, happiness & authentic self-authority and well-being of all, we choose acceptance OVER exclusion and dedicate ourselves to finding understanding, mutual love and appreciation.

13. We recognize that while there may be facilitators, teachers and guides, no person is more valuable than anyone else. While we give respect to our teachers, we recognize that all humans are limited and rely on their fellow humans for growth. WE ARE ALL A NECESSARY AND EQUAL PART of the experience, though the roles we play will be different.

14. Honoring the Earth & all living things, we strive not only for sustainability, but to give back to the elements which create life. We seek cooperation & support in refining our methods towards a more deeply reciprocal nature with all life.



Om saha navavatu
Om May we each be protected, teacher and student
Saha nau bhunaktu
May we enjoy this learning together
Saha viryam karavavahai
May we work together with vitality and courage

Tejasvi navadhitam astu
May our study together be brilliant
Ma vidvisavahai
May we never be hostile with each other

Om santih santih santih
Om – peace peace peace
Harih Om