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We’ve already talked about cultivating relationships with Nature: plants, animals and the elements. But sometimes we forget that Nature is in our everyday lives, even when we’re not outdoors among the trees.

What about what you put in your body to feel good? Whether it’s an aspirin, tea, flower essences, supplements, tinctures, prescriptions or herbs that alter your consciousness, we rely on plants almost every day (beyond our food) to help us have more strength, vitality and health. My question for you is “Are you getting the most out of these relationships?” Would you like to?

Step on this week’s magic carpet ride and learn how to get the most out of your medicines.

Think about this: Everything you put into your body becomes a part of you. Everything you put into your body has a potent influence on what you become. As soon as something goes into your system, your body does its best to use what’s been given to it to make more of you and/or to heal you.

Especially if it is a consciousness-altering substance, don’t you want to have some sort of awareness of what is happening to you? Not having any sort of say in the experience is like cutting yourself open and walking around with the wound wide open, available to absorb anything that happens to float through.

Our minds eat just like our bodies and we can choose whether to put garbage in there or not. Our minds respond similarly to our bodies: Garbage in, garbage out. Creativity in, creativity out. Inspiration in, inspiration out.

I used to love scary movies, but I found that the imagery and darkness that became a part of my psyche afterward created a heavy cloud inside of me that lasted much longer than the movie. I started to realize then that EVERYTHING I put in my system gets processed and metabolized similarly to food and I am just as motivated to give my mind and my emotional body good nutrients as my body.

Here are some simple and powerful ideas for cultivating a relationship with your medicines:

1. THANK YOUR MEDICINE! Before you put that helpful ally into your system, take a moment to say “Thank you.” It has given up its natural existence to help you with your life. The least you can do is offer some gratitude. It’ll make you feel better and I guarantee that the impact of that medicine in your system will be much more potent just from this one simple practice.
2. Get to KNOW YOUR MEDICINE. If you don’t know their origins (because they’re in pill form or simply because you don’t know what sort of plant or geographic location they are from), take a moment to learn about them. Read the labels, if your medicine comes from a package. Know what you’re putting in your system.
3. SET AN INTENTION. If you want to feel better, let your medicine know, before taking it, that is what you want help with. If you want to heal yourself, speak that. Plants have a consciousness and when we make a prayer from our hearts, they can feel and are likely to respond positively to these communications (especially if we’ve thanked them already).
4. If it’s a consciousness-altering medicine (potent pain killer, cannabis . . .) GIVE YOURSELF SOME REALLY HEALING MATERIALS AND SURROUNDINGS (good music, a great book, time in nature, sacred geometries, guided journeys). Make it a ceremony to heal your life.
5. BLESS IT. I like to hold my medicines in my hands and do some Reiki, but you don’t need to be a Reiki practitioner to bless your medicine. Simply sending a prayer and holding a vision of light around your medicine, activating it so that it is exactly what you need will have an impact on your experience.

I have not only personally benefitted greatly from all of these practices, I have witnessed others (especially people who were skeptical) experience obvious and surprisingly positive results from these very simple ways to connect more with our medicines.

Go ahead. Give it a try. It can’t possibly hurt. And let me know how it goes.

If you want more support in getting the most out of your medicines, especially the plant medicines that open up other realms of consciousness, I can help. Simply respond to this message with “PLANT MEDICINE HELP” at the top of your email and we can explore how to make your medicines more potent allies in your path to healing.

Until next week, may Plant Medicine Magic & the Source be with you!
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