Priestess Lip Service?

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There has been a LOT more use of the word Priestess these days. Women are calling themselves Priestess left and right. In some ways, it feels so good that the word can be used without hesitation, without fear, without recrimination, BUT, ironically, I often feel like women are giving themselves that title to serve their egos and their public personas, and that is completely contradictory to my personal definition of a Priestess.

If you’ve ever felt a strong reaction to that word: Priestess, either positive or negative, you should check out this week’s inspiration where I offer up the ONE SIMPLE DEFINING TRAIT of a TRUE PRIESTESS.

A Priestess doesn’t need to be someone like me who actually cares for a Temple and teaches the Sacred Mysteries. Priestess is defined by being in service to the Holy. My #1 relationship, above all other people, is with God:dess and all that is Sacred.

My choices (more and more of them, the more and more I awaken my consciousness to be present with these choices) are founded in being in service to the Holy. NOT to my public persona, NOT to my bank account, NOT to my personal well-being (though one of the LOVELY side-effects of being in service at this deep level is thriving in health, beauty and abundance) or the opinions of others.

It takes great understanding of the Self and self (Divine and egoic) to be able to do this. So having a personal practice of inner exploration is essential. Meditation is one of the most important tools of The Priestess.

It is easier and easier these days to claim the title of Priestess, and one may have many of the qualities of a Priestess: Presence, Grace, Wisdom, Courage, Depth . . . but if it is in service to the self (looking good, getting attention, validating the ego) and not the Divine, then it is just lip service.

HUMILITY is a sign of a True Priestess as it is almost impossible to be in devotion to the Greater Good without a sense of humility. It is not disempowered humility. It is immensely confident and fiercely committed.

BEAUTY that emanates from the core. Not just a pretty surface, but beauty that radiates from sacred communion is another sign. The Priestess adorns herself and fills her altar with beauty that awakens the memory seeds of consciousness and invites us to let go of the mundane and step into sacred space.

PRESENCE of the Priestess is an instant soul-level invitation to the Divine in each of us to emerge and take front stage, letting the ego’s needs fall away. Within Empty Presence, the Divine can speak through us, offering Wisdom, Guidance, and Truth not accessible any other way. When we do this, we become oracles, mouth-pieces for the Holy. Without that Emptiness and Prayer of Devotion, we are simply salesmen and women.

If you have found yourself feeling pulled by this word, wishing to call yourself a Priestess, but not sure how to actually BE one, stay on this magic carpet ride with me, and you will have access to the tools and practices you need to support you in your unfolding path. You are also invited to come to my LIVE EVENT THIS SUNDAY 13th in Oakland, CA:
Priest:ess Reiki I

Having a healing practice at your fingertips is a beautiful way to be in service. In addition to sharing the Reiki I attunement, I will also teach you the basics of Mudras and Sacred Anointing which will deepen your Reiki practice and also add some potent superpowers to your goddess toolbelt. Sign up for this LIVE EVENT

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Until next week, may the presence of the Priestess and the SOURCE be with you!

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Amanda Elo'esh Priestess

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