Prosperous Priestess Temple Retreat Package

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Enjoy 4 of Amanda's powerful, unique offerings including the 13 Week Sacred Feminine Temple Retreat Online Series MP3, “Unlock Your Success Code” ebook, guided imagery MP3 and a “Live Your Purpose & Prosper” Discovery Session.

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Amanda Elo’Esh has been a channel of the Sacred Feminine teachings her whole life and has taught and lead ceremony all over the world, including Oroville India, Bali, and locally in the Bay Area (including Google!). Amanda is educated in Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy and is initiated into several shamanic healing traditions including Shipibo Ayahusca. She is an ordained priestess and medicine woman for Medicine Path Native American Church. She helps heart-centered women and men to find their own personal connection with Source, free from gurus, dogmas or religions, so that you can break free from limitations and to live your purpose and prosper. Amanda is building the world’s greatest heart-centered community of spiritually connected women who want to create a purpose-driven life of prosperity.