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How many times have you felt like you needed to alter the way you dress so that you would be treated better? Whether it was making yourself look sexier or hiding your sexy self so you wouldn’t get harassed, most of us goddesses have felt like we had to manipulate our authentic self-expression to be safe, get ahead, be seen, be respected or just be in the world. My guess is that there are ingrained habits most of us don’t even think about that have worked their way into our daily practices that are based in pleasing others. It causes me grief, and when I really dig deep, sometimes rage, to realize that the beauty of the feminine form has been so distorted, objectified and controlled instead of honored as beautiful, sacred and the precious and miraculous gift it is.

If you’ve ever censored yourself to feel safe or exploited yourself to be acknowledged you’ll want to catch this week’s Goddess Diary.

I remember reading recently the number of laws that have been passed to exert some kind of control over the female body. I don’t remember the exact number, but it was shockingly in the triple digits. The number of laws out there to control the male body? None.

Being sexy shouldn’t be an invitation for exploitation or objectification. It CAN BE an invitation to enjoy and celebrate the beautiful human form in a respectful way. We can’t control how other people are going to react to how we present ourselves in the world, and sometimes we truly don’t have the ability to authentically express ourselves the way we want without serious consequences. When I think about it, remember the times it’s happened to me, or when I’ve witnessed it happening to my sisters, it brings up grief and even rage, as I mentioned earlier. When it happened to me, recently, it touched a nerve that flowed back through the generations and I felt a deep sadness that has been passed down for centuries along the lines across cultures, across time amongst all women, and I realized that it is a sleeping giant who was waking up and wanted to ROARRRRRR!

I know that, even though I am pretty confident and willing to express myself in the face of criticism, I still make choices both consciously and subconsciously to manipulate my sexual self-expression to feel more safe and accepted in the world. It’s a sad fact of life, even for a strong and courageous goddess like myself, and I know I’m not alone. What is important is to let that grief go, especially that ancestral stuff that has been building up and ready to burst out like a volcano. If it’s kept in, it turns into depression, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, illness & injury and other unpleasant consequences.

goddess breathing fire

To do my part, I’m offering a workshop on Sunday, September 14th to get that GRRRRRRRR out of your system in a really enjoyable way and turn it into valuable and ecstatic energy to fuel your powerful life. If you’re ready to drop the shame and reclaim your body, this is a great way to step into your power. We’ll also be activating our powerful Kundalini Life Force Energy and learning how to let go of old stories so that the GRRRR doesn’t have to come exploding out of us, and instead can be a consistent source of helpful and healthy biofuel for our body, mind and spirit. Are you ready to get the GRRRRRRR out? Reclaim your body and claim your spot for this powerful don’t miss event NOW.

Limited discount tickets are available for a short while. Get ’em while they last.

Until next week, may your authentic Self and the Source be with you.

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