Sacred Cacao Ceremony for Feminine Beings

Is your heart seeking deep love?

Whether you're in a loving partnership and want to deepen it into a sacred union, or you are single desiring your soulmate, you'll want to make sure to join us for this potent Heart Opening journey to magnetize and deepen the love in your life.

Step into the Temple of the Dark Goddess, Cacao

Explore Her Infinite Mysteries to Awaken Your Sovereigness with this Delicious Journey into the Void.

This ceremony will include movement, stillness, sisterhood connection and sound healing to Manifest Abundance, Magnetize Love & Access Your Source Code.

In our time together you'll connect with our soulful sisterhood, nourish your body and awaken your senses as you receive the luscious wisdom of this Ancient Goddess known indigenousely as Ixcacao and to the rest of the world as . . . Chocolate.

You'll drink Her luscious, ancient sacrament, pure, indigenous Ashaninka Cacao, mixed with honey and a few other special, traditional herbs*** to support each journey and drop into Her sensual awakening in a ceremony of movement, stillness, renewal and vision.

You'll be guided into a deep spiritual journey to receive healing as well as enjoy a luscious sound bath and ecstatic movement in our safe Sacred Feminine circle.

  • Manifest Abundance - Womb Wisdom
  • Magnetize Love - Heart Opening
  • Access Your Source Code - Crown Activation
  • ***cayenne, lavender, ashwaganda . . . (nothing entheogenic or psychedelic)

Cacao has been a part of ritual and ceremony for the Mesoamericans for thousands of years. It was used, traditionally, only by royalty and is said to be the food of the gods - theobroma. It was used as a spiritual elixir, sacred healing medicine, and is a potent aphrodisiac.

Cacao is an amazing superfood that contains unique compounds that activate alchemical transformation in the mind, body, and spirit. Anandamide (the "bliss chemical") alters consciousness and activates the heart and the womb in ways that support blissful healing and opening to higher vibrations.

This magical elixir, offered in ceremony, creates a euphoric journey which expands consciousness and your capacity to do deep inner healing in a way that is gentle and deeply pleasurable and nourishing.

There's no better way to heal and transform than with this delicious sacrament.


Facilitated by Amanda Elo'Esh

GENDER NOTE: We support a very inclusive container. We honor the non-binary gender fluidity that is blossoming. Please come with an open mind and heart to include all who are seeking renewal in this feminine container.

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