Welcome to the Sacred Leadership Program

We know that when we bring many minds together, our brilliance and potential become much greater than the sum of its parts. Imagine what could be possible in a circle of committed minds, and hearts, as well as consciously calling in guidance and support from ascended guides and masters.

This certification program is not a training to be a leader. This program is a call to those who are choosing to step into leadership as an entrepreneur, a parent, a community member . . .

Taking a stand for what you feel is right can be hard, but in the rich and sacred container that we create together both in our ceremonies and beyond, you will be seen and held in your rawness and vulnerability, and your brilliance and gifts will be spotlighted, nourished and activated.

Our community and sacred ceremonies are the place to mastermind your life with the heart, with the guidance of the Holy, with help from our sacred Medicine allies, and with the sacred mirrors of our supportive community.

Alone, truly having the courage to step up into our Noble Purpose can feel overwhelming or even impossible, but when we weave our prayers, resources, and intentions together, we become a powerful net of stars and we become exponentially stronger.

We are coming together to birth the new paradigm of leadership in the world and to model how it CAN be: honoring all humans as equal, honoring all life as sacred, living sustainability, respecting cultural diversity, and being in conscious relationship with all that is greater than us that wishes us well so that we can expand beyond our limited thinking and co-create a New Earth that can thrive in peace and harmony.

Sacred Leadership Certification Program

13 month program offered online & on location in a private retreat center in Oakland, CA

This program is open to 20 Initiates ONLY and includes:
  • 13 x Full Day Ceremonies (1 for each Wisdom Goddess Archetype -monthly for 13 months - LIVE gathering 2nd Saturday of each month)
  • Alchemical Wisdom Goddess Activation Ceremony (1:1 Private Ceremony)
  • 13 x Spiritual Success Mentoring Calls (1:1 Skype/Phone - monthly)
  • 13 x Spiritual Success Mentoring Group Calls (Zoom - monthly)
  • Certification in Subconscious Success Repatterning (Zoom)
  • Ordination as Minister: Church of Living Wisdom
  • 13 Week Sacred Feminine Temple Retreat Online MP3 Series
  • Online Priestess Resources Library (Lifetime Access!)
  • 13 x EXTRA Spiritual Success Mentoring Group Calls (Zoom)
  • Build Your 6-Figure Business (without selling your soul) Online Course

APPLY NOW – Spaces are limited and filling up.

You MUST be personally invited by Amanda Elo’Esh into the circle. Personal interviews are available on a first-come, first serve basis. Claim your complimentary interview & sign up for a 30 Minute "Live Your Purpose & Prosper" Discovery Session HERE.