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So, what the heck IS Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping, anyway? I’ve been spending the past 15 years trying to really crystallize it into a format that I can share with others, but here’s the most basic nugget of wisdom I can share . . .

It’s about tuning into the Zen-like flow of my own biorhythms and paying attention to how they can dance with the natural flow of the elements all around me so that everything I do is filled with a sense of ease, magic and bliss: from my daily “toilette” to housecleaning to intimate connections with my beloved and self-care practices.

It’s fully in alignment with the Goddess of Love because she is all about honoring the body as a temple: “All acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals,” and giving to yourself and to others from a place of abundance manifests opulence and healing immeasurable.

Because I am unique in my needs, strengths and preferences, it has taken me a LONG time to figure out how to share this magical way of moving through life so that it can be helpful for LOTS of people, not just offering a cookie cutter way of trying to follow rules or having a book you need to reference to get inspired. That’s NOT my idea of bliss.

So what I’m creating is a book that’s filled with the basic philosophy, along with examples of how I do it so that you can be inspired to consciously create YOUR own magical flow.

Here’s the most basic pearl of wisdom I want to share with you:
If you don’t make sure that your body, mind and spirit are healthy and vibrant, there isn’t going to be any magic happening. You can’t skip this step. You have to take care of yourself. And instead of seeing it as a task or as a guilty pleasure, I invite you to see it as the wisest investment you can make AND indulge in it like a decadent and pampering day at the spa that’s well-deserved. YOU ARE WORTHY OF BLISS! So give it to yourself!

TIP: It doesn’t have to cost ANY extra money or take much extra time. We like to tell ourselves we can’t afford helpful things or we don’t have time to make positive changes in our schedules. There’s no excuse here. Some of the most helpful ways I care for myself don’t cost extra money and they don’t take that much time.

PRACTICE: When I get ready for my day, I use my time in the bathroom doing my “toilette” as a nourishing way of remembering my body as a sacred temple, and that shifts my mind and my emotions (and my physical experience) in immensely positive ways. I give thanks for the hot water and see it as a great gift and friend and imagine that it’s taking away everything on every level that doesn’t serve me. Old stuck stories that keep me small, a negative experience I had recently, any negative self-talk about my body, any dis-ease that may cause harm to any part of me. As I wash my hair, I love it up. I massage my scalp and let the experience be more than a thoughtless routine. As I wash every part of my body, I offer loving touch and for the places I’ve judged as too large, too small, not good enough . . . I put love and gratitude there. As I apply moisturizer, same thing. I anoint myself as a priestess honoring the body of a queen. I pump in the love. And on and on. You get the idea. It’s really a conscious choice, at the heart, to invite self-love into everything you do.

When you fill yourself up with love, it can’t help but spill out and get all over the place. Before you know it, it’s getting on everyone around you and then they’re getting it all over the people they know and the bliss factor goes off the charts.

Go ahead, give it a try! What do you have to lose?
And if you want some support in truly manifesting Sexual Bliss through Good Housekeeping, give a shout by replying to this message. I’ll help you get on track for more bliss in your body, your home and your relationships.

Until next week, may Bliss & the Source be with you!

X’s & O’s

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