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"I never believed I could be this happy! I can't believe I'm really here!"

~ Ren writer

"I'm telling everyone about you! I never thought I'd have someone like you in my life!"

~ Jade office manager

"Having this time with you changed everything for me! Thank you so much, Amanda! Now I know what's possible and how to get there." 

~Julie  yoga teacher, girls empowerment teacher

"Amanda, you really helped me yesterday in this course. So much so that I began channeling last night the structure of my business plan based on what I love. Love you Amanda. You are One Heaven of a Miracle worker."

~Phoenix M. Deon priestess & healer

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Congratulations! You're about to experience a priceless look behind the curtains of 12 world class coaches, teachers, healers, and thought leaders who are passionate about helping you to access your Inalienable Sovereignty in 2021!

You'll learn . . . 

  • How to eliminate common money fears & blocks and how to work through them so you can become a magnet for money.
  • How to access & maintain health & well-being that is not taught in our conventional medical system.
  • How to identify blocks keeping you from your fullest potential.
  • The 3 reasons your sovereignty is inaccessible.
  • What you can do right now to create stable ground underneath you, develop a clear vision of where you’re going, & take your next steps toward what you want most.


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This is thousands of dollars worth of inspirational wisdom to make 2021 your year of living life sovereign, but it's YOURS FREE when you SIGN UP NOW.

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Monday 15th

11am PST Elan Zelenka - Pleasure to Prosper: Living Your Most Orgasmic Life

12pm PST Carissa Johnsen - Quantum Leap Your Business through Attraction Marketing

1pm PST Kimberly Sherry - Where Is My Sovereignty & Why Is It So Hard To Access?

Tuesday 16th

11am PST Maria Christina Owl - From Me to We: A New Age of Freedom Is Upon Us

12pm PST Evelyn Huynh - Inner Child Healing & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

1pm PST Alyssa Hammond - Sovereign Wealth: The Energetics of Wealth

Wednesday 17th

11am PST Annie Bardonski - Master Your anxiety & Manifest with Ease

12pm PST Maggie Ostara PhD - Ignite Your Feminine Sovereignty Now: Keys to Reclaiming Your Power & Manifesting Your Purpose

1pm PST Amanda Elo'Esh MA - The Sacred Feminine Path to Sovereignty (for all genders!)

Thursday 18th

11am PST Terra Christoff - Grow Your Coaching & Healing Business the Feminine Way

12pm PST Dr. Valencia Ray - 3 Keys to Reclaim Mind-Body-Spirit Sovereignty

Friday 19th

12pm PST Kerani Marie Lomonaco - Living with Loss & Still Loving Life

1pm PST Amanda Elo'Esh MA - Your Next Best Steps for True Sovereign Living


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Get this mastery series for FREE!

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