T E M E N O S : Summer Solstice Medicine Retreat

Return to Community : Reclaim Your Spiritual Vitality!

Attention Spiritual Superstars!

Connect with soul family, celebrate Summer Solstice in a sacred and ecstatic way, and raise your vibration over three transformational days!

Coming out of the pandemic, we’re all hungry for real life human connection. Hugs have become a rare treasure.

This past year it’s been hard to not be in live, loving contact with other human beings . . . celebrating, sharing meals, and just enjoying each other’s company.

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"My experience with Amanda was nothing short of magical. I have been working with plant medicines for quite some time and I had one experience where I opened a door that I didn’t know how to close which exposed a deep-seated fear about death that I didn’t know I had. So, for the past few years I’ve been trying to figure out ways to integrate and release the fear and it wasn’t until meeting Amanda that I was able to finally process and make friends with the fear. Our time together was transformative in not only the integration but also the gentle way she was able to ask questions around topics that I thought I had healed from. I felt a deep healing in my heart and a release that’s hard to put into words. I am forever grateful for Amanda’s wisdom and her compassionate approach to self-exploration."

~Rachel Gitlevich

Can you imagine how it would feel to spend 3 transformational days of ceremony, celebration, sacred plant medicine and play with high vibration community?


Your mind, body, and spirit could be nourished and revitalized after over a year of wading through fear, isolation, and unprecedented political, environmental, and cultural stress.


"I love the way you held the space, with both reverence as well as lightness and humor. It felt like a very inclusive circle, and I really appreciated the diversity of ages, races and types of people. I also really loved that everyone had a chance to share their prayers and intentions with the whole circle and be seen, held and supported in them. My favorite part was the sharing circle." ~Tibet Sprague

Introducing . . .




noun      The grounds surrounding a temple; a sacred enclosure.


Summer Solstice Medicine Retreat

JUNE 18 - 21



Return to Community & Reclaim Your Spiritual Vitality

What makes this celebration different?


We bring meaningful ceremony with sacred plant medicine and joyful celebration together to provide a high vibration retreat that will nourish your body, mind, and spirit in conscious community.

Our gatherings are unique because they provide deep sacred experiences without dogma, and provide ecstatic celebration that is mindful and meaningful, with phenomenal community who inspire and catalyze life-long friendships.


"Such a Powerful experience in a safe sacred space. The plant Medicine showed me that as I walk this Earth, the whole of Creation walks with me. Heartfelt gratitude for this experience and the people who facilitated it."

~Terry Lightfoot

By the end of our magical 3 days together, you’ll have done deep, transformational healing, connected with inspiring spiritual superstars, revitalized your health, and experienced Source and your personal manifestation power in ways you never thought possible.


hands up women fire circle

Here’s what you’re going to experience:

  • Expanding your consciousness with sacred Huachumita Plant Ceremony + Integration Circle, Sound Healing, Guided Meditation, CBD/THC Social & Dance Party (medicine ingestion is  completely optional and available in full, micro,  & homeopathic doses)


  • Deepening your Spiritual Path through Ancestral Rituals, Manifestation Practices, and a beautiful Solstice Ceremony to celebrate this auspicious time 


  • Activating your bliss body with Dance and Ecstatic Movement, Yoga, and a Pool Party (See the schedule in the FAQ section below)


  • Creating life-long friendships with our Superstar Community, Sharing stories, poetry, and music around our nightly fire-pit and through guided social interactions


  • Enjoying the beauty of Nature at Mandala Springs Resort with 200 acres of forest, lakes, and meadows


  • Physical detoxification and revitalization with World Class Vegan Cuisine provided by our nutrition-focused chef


  • Sharing your own wisdom and learning from other diverse community members with Living Wisdom workshops & open mic events

"Phenomenal experience!!! I would highly recommend this for deep healing."



A transformational medicine retreat like this would typically cost $3333 or more.

We are bringing you this world-class journey for just . . .

$1333 (LIMITED TO FIRST 3 REGISTRANTS!) + accommodations.

$1333 Early Bird Discount

2 Payments of $727

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Closeup shot of a woman in sportswear sitting on a pink mat and doing yoga



What’s included:

  • All ceremonies
  • All rituals
  • All activities
  • All meals (including snacks & beverages)


You have a choice of different accommodations:

  • RV/camping spots   $77/night
  • Glamping for 1-2 people   $125/night
  • Cabins and Cottages for 1-4   $200-250/night
  • Lodges and Houses with shared rooms

IMPORTANT NOTE! We have a few special accommodations at the heart of our weekend for just $60/night! Contact us now to reserve your room! LivingWisdomChurchCA @ gmail.com


Stay for 2 or 3 nights.

Our ceremonies and other offerings are complete Sunday night.

You may choose to stay Sunday night, and we’ll send you off Monday morning with a delicious vegan breakfast for your journey home.


***Our scholarships for BIPOC, LGBTQ, and otherwise marginalized community members have been claimed. Mandala Springs Resort has generously donated accommodations for these scholarships, so this is a fully sponsored experience.***


Space is limited and we’re going to fill up fast.




Meet your Quicker Waker Uppers!

Dr. Matthew Gamble

Matthew older pic

Matthew has two decades of experience and joy building spiritual community and bringing people together to learn, heal, and grow. After dedicating his life as a Christian pastor, Matthew realized that something was missing, and started an exploration of the healing power of plant medicine and alternative spirituality. He is committed to helping our community to heal from past wounds, especially from religion and dogma, and to access Source through our own unique spiritual path.

Amanda Elo'Esh, MA

Amanda Close Up Tree

Amanda is the Founder and President of Living Wisdom Church, and has over 15 years experience guiding sacred plant medicine ceremonies, as well as a Master’s degree and clinical training in Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies. She’s passionate about helping liberate folx from subconscious programming that’s keeping them from thriving and living their Noble Purpose, and is gifted at creating safe and sacred containers for others to access their inalienable sovereignty by connecting with Source and discovering their unique spiritual path.

Brent Johnson

Brent Johnson

Brent is a life-long accomplished musician who has mastered multiple instruments, and delighted Bay Area audiences for decades. He studied with Peruvian sound shaman, Tito La Rosa , and has been offering sacred sound healing, including Sonic Medicine with Amanda Elo’Esh, for over a decade.

Ortega Yarborough

Ortega Best

Ortega Yarborough has 10 years of experience supporting plant medicine ceremonies in different traditions. He brings solid wisdom, support, and in-depth insights to our ceremonies. We don’t know what we’d do without him!

Chef Fredo


Chef Fredo is educated and trained as a nutritionist and is passionate about helping people to live healthy through sensuous cuisine. He awakens all five senses with his creative and freshly harvested ingredients. We can’t even get a menu from him because he finds what’s the most alive and creates based on what is local, organic, and fresh! He has experience catering high end medicine retreats and we are delighted he is bringing his extraordinary gifts to our table. Oh, and he also helps rescue dogs from neglect and abuse, just 'cause his heart is that big.

"After experiencing the personal ceremony I had with Amanda, I now fully understand what it means to "hold space" for someone. The amount of time and pure, gentle focus she created for me truly broke my heart open, and invited me to fully let go in a way I hadn't done since I was a child. I can't help but think what happened that day was pure magik. From the sacred moments of silence we had together, to the mind-blowing, ego-shattering sound and energy healing she performed that seemed to hug and unconditionally love every cell of my body, the experience I had with Amanda was something I will always hold dear to my heart. I feel so eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to witness and be a part of something so undeniably beautiful."

~Whitney Longoria

Don’t let this unique moment pass you by!

After this unprecedented year of lockdown, isolation, and intense challenges from all angles, it’s time to come together and not only celebrate, but shed the old layers of stress, and the old paradigms within that were holding us back.


2020 was an opportunity to dismantle worn out systems and beliefs on a global level, and now, we have a rare opportunity to come together with like-hearted community to consciously seed a new vision and a better world for everyone.



"For 14 years there have been many times of celebration, ceremony, as well as personal challenge that I have shared with Amanda Elo’Esh.  She is genuinely caring, humbly intelligent, multiculturally wise, vitally life-affirming, gifted in ceremonial leadership, trustworthy, intuitive, and never fails to bring laughter and joy to an experience!  Guided by her innate desire to be of service and presence the Divine in the Mundane, my life has been infinitely positively influenced by the vitalizing work she does.

One thing I want to say is that she is gifted in being present with difficult emotions and shadow aspects of the psyche. When I’ve gone through really tricky challenges such as heartbreak or addiction, she was there to walk me through, with love, with wisdom. I was smiling again after my tears were compassionately witnessed.

I can positively testify to her healing presence that helped me —and many others— transmute difficulty, grow as a person, open doors to potent spiritual awakenings, and call in everything I desire for a more joyous life!"

~Ayden Bremner

Frequently Asked Questions

“Can I afford it?”

Retreats like this are typically valued at $3333, but we want to make this powerful experience available to everyone. That’s why it’s just $1333 + accommodations.


AND . . . 

We have a payment plan to make this low-priced retreat even more accessible:

Just 2 payments of $727..


This will be an experience you will cherish the rest of your life and YOU are worth the investment.


REMEMBER: We have some scholarships for our BIPOC, LGBTQ, and otherwise historically marginalized members. Please contact us to apply: LivingWisdomChurchCA@gmail.com


“I’m too busy.”

Making time for sacred connection with our loved ones, the Earth, and our own spirituality is essential. Honestly, what is more important than that?


The only way we can put an end to old ways is if we give ourselves an opportunity to do our lives differently and ask for help from that which is greater than us that wishes us well.


“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes every day, unless you’re too busy. Then you sit for an hour.” ~Zen Proverb


“What Medicine are we working with?”

Friday night we will be offering optional CBD &/or THC elixirs (and you can just have the yummy elixir without any additions).

Saturday we will be making prayers with Huachumita, also known as San Pedro, which is a very gentle, heart opening Medicine that helps us to gain clarity and release obstacles that have kept us stuck.


“Is there a special diet required?”

There is no special diet required for Huachuma medicine. It is very gentle and heart opening and works great with many people's dietary practices. PLUS you'll be eating world class vegan cuisine during our time together and that will be gentle on your system.


“I’m not sure I want to ingest plant medicine”

No problem. We have had plenty of people attend ceremony with us who choose not to ingest any medicine and have still reported “a quantum leap,” in their personal development and healing path. We support you making an empowered decision about what you put into your body, and we welcome all who come in a good way. You can choose to ingest no medicine and simply make a prayer for healing, have a homeopathic amount, a micro-dose . . . the choice is yours!


“I’m new to plant medicine and I’m a little nervous about it.”

You’re in the perfect place. We are expertly trained in supporting people to feel safe as they explore the deep and profound healing of plant medicine. Our integration circle as well as providing safe and sacred community make this the perfect place to step in to this path of personal growth and healing.


“What if I have trouble after the retreat?”

Transformational experiences can bring up a lot, even things we weren't expecting. You're always welcome to connect with us if something arises and we can provide support and resources to help you make the most of this time together. We will also be providing an integration circle the day after our ceremony and it's part of our weekend together. We got you covered 😀


“What is the safety protocol?”

The state of California is moving towards reopening, and that means that in-person events will soon be allowed to take place. Parties, workshops, conferences, happy hours, potlucks – they’ve all been back on the table with certain risk mitigations since April 15, and should be without restriction after June 15.


We are welcoming connection and honoring each individual’s needs for personal safety. This is a mask-optional event. We will not be enforcing social distancing. We ask that attendees use discernment and not come of you are under the weather or displaying signs of illness. 


Hugs, knee-to-knee conversations, and regular social engagement are welcome here. 


This event is about providing the much needed personal connection we’ve been so deprived of for over a year. 


“Why do I need to arrange my own accommodations?”

There are quite a few options at Mandala Springs Resort, and we want to make sure you have the option of choosing the best for your personal needs. RV, BYOTent camping, Glamping, Cabins, Cottages, or shared houses. Do what works best for you! We’ll take care of everything else!

IMPORTANT NOTE! We have a few special accommodations at the heart of our weekend for just $60/night! Contact us now to reserve your room! LivingWisdomChurchCA @ gmail.com



“What if I have special dietary needs?”

No problem. Just let us know and Chef Fredo will take care of you! We’re offering vegan cuisine, including snacks, throughout our time together, and if there’s anything you need beyond that, we’re happy to make sure you can enjoy the luscious food that will be served.


“What if I can’t stay the whole time?”

Just let us know. Of course, we’d love to have you with us the whole weekend, but we understand that not everyone may be able to be with us the whole time.


Just connect with us in person to make sure that we can support you in getting the most of your time with us! Email us: LivingWisdomChurchCA@gmail.com


"What is the schedule for the weekend?"

Friday 18th:

  • You can arrive as early as noon and we'll have lunch for you.
  • You'll have the afternoon to get settled in, enjoy some Living Wisdom Workshops by other attendees (or offer your own), enjoy the heated pool, hiking, volleyball, or just lay back under a shady tree and allow yourself to drink in the healing elements of Nature here at Mandala Springs Resort. 
  • Friday night, we'll have dinner together with some guided social interactions as well as CBD/THC elixirs (you can have either, both, or completely Cannabis-free elixirs) followed by dancing and fireside connections.

Saturday 19th:

  • Breakfast is served and then . . .
  • We'll gather as a community for our Huachumita plant medicine ceremony (again, ingestion is always optional), which includes prayer, ancestral healing ritual, sound healing, and sharing from the heart in circle.
  • We'll complete with an amazing vegan feast
  • Followed by the opportunity for dancing or fireside connections.

Sunday 20th:

  • Guided stretching and movement.
  • Breakfast is served.
  • Integration Circle & Manifestation Practices to take the magic  and transformation home with you.
  • Living Wisdom Workshops (attend or offer your own!)
  • Vegan lunch together
  • Pool Party
  • Vegan dinner together with guided social interactions
  • Summer Solstice Ritual
  • Dancing and Fireside Connections

Monday 21st:

  • Take-away vegan breakfast will be offered to those who spend the night to send you home with a full belly
  • Stay and help us clean up and connect until it's time to check out (noon) if you like!


"What is a Living Wisdom workshop?"

Living Wisdom workshops are open time slots available for our attendees to offer their own experiences and wisdom. Eg: Someone my want to offer a 30 minute dive into identifying local plants, or share about their ancestral celebration of Summer Solstice. You can sign up for your own offering as well. We'll have a sign-up sheet that gives you times and spaces to announce what's being offered and by whom.


"What kind of music will we be dancing to?"

We'll mix it up a bit, but here's a sample for you to get a good idea.



“I may need a ride.”
We will do our best to help people ride share. Email us: LivingWisdomChurchCA@gmail.com


Any other questions?

Send them our way. We’re happy to answer!

Email us: LivingWisdomChurchCA@gmail.com

Register Now (before the Early Bird Discount is up!)

$1333 LIMITED Early Bird Discount (only 3 left!)

2 Payments of $727



PS: We are going to fill up fast with just 25 spots available, so don’t wait until the last minute! Reserve your space now!

415.598.7437 • LivingWisdomChurchCA@gmail.com