The Best Rx for Feeling Lack

I don’t know about you, but all around me, it seems like there are more people struggling financially. More bad news about the economy and joblessness. So much can be attributed to our socio-economic challenges. But what can we do, as individuals, to help ourselves feel less stressed about resources AND be of service to our community?

There’s one fool-proof, guaranteed way to shift the mind-set from lack to abundance that I learned from my mom, and I’ll always be grateful for this life-changing lesson. I’ve shared it in this week’s inspiration.

It may seem contradictory to give away what it is we want to receive, but, truly, this experience has several different positive effects:

1) It usually helps us to realize how much we really have, especially compared to most of the rest of the world.
2) It starts that flow of abundance: the CURRENT-CY gets flowing and will cycle back around to us too.
3) It helps to shift the consciousness that can get stuck in the belief there is not enough, and can keep us from seeing and receiving helpful resources right in front of us.
4) It shifts our energetic frequency from scarcity to abundance, and as we know that like attracts like, it can help us to become a magnet for what we want.

Even though my Christmases were, relatively speaking, on the more modest side, I LOVED the years when our family chose to take what little we had and split it with another family in need. I’d rather go without, knowing someone else got something under the tree, because the gifts wear out and are easily forgotten, but the sense of warmth and joy that comes with bringing unexpected kindness and generosity to someone in need (ESPECIALLY anonymously) never wears out AND it’s priceless.

I remember reading in the Bhagavad Gita something I really loved. The message was that anything that is diminished as it is shared (like food or money) is of less value than the things that never diminish, and in fact, increase, like love and kindness, when given away. There’s another perspective to add to the story of lack.

So, give it a shot. It could be something small, but I encourage you to see if there is something big, something not so easy to let go of, and with a prayer to feed the cycle of abundance, consciously put it out there to nourish life beyond yourself, and allow your heart and mind to open to that CURRENCY you’ve just initiated, and allow it to flow back around into your life.

Have any magical stories about giving? Please share them here in the comments section.

And in case you were wondering, the Divine Feminine archetype most connected with today’s topic is the Goddess of Love: Lakshmi. You can call to her to support more abundance for the planet with this chant: Om Aim Lakshmiye Namah!

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