Un-Break Your Self

Hey SuperSTAR!

Have you ever felt broken? Like, there were either too many times you made bad decisions, or too many f*&ked up things happened to you to cause damage for you to EVER get on track and have a good life?

Or maybe life’s knocks have somehow convinced you that what you thought might be possible: Those dreams and all that magic you believed in as a kid. It just can’t happen now. It’s not real. It was just a fantasy.

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It seems like no matter how much healing I do, there is still a part of me who is still holding the echo of “broken,” and when I get tripped up, it all comes spilling out. I actually think that is a good thing. Why?

I believe we all chose the challenges we wanted in this lifetime to teach us. The knocks, bumps and bruises were all pre-designed by us because we wanted to have certain strengths, insights and experience you just can’t get any other way. So, we got the ass-kicking we signed up for. Some of us forgot it was to help us grow. Some of us think that if we did a workshop and some Interchange Counseling, it should all be taken care of, right? As we heal these parts of ourselves, it is important not to abandon them. They aren’t broken. The are our teachers and they deserve respect. We DON’T need to submit and repeat old wounds when they circle around again, and it doesn’t mean we are permanently broken when they do. We co-created them. If we can learn to simply WATCH what is happening when that old story gets triggered, and help our energetic, neurological, emotional and physical bodies to REMEMBER that we are NO LONGER STUCK IN THAT PATTERN, then we can learn NEW ways to make our way out of the muck that will serve us in all aspects of our lives (we can even show others who are in the same boat how to steer through those rough waters).

Inside the “I’m broken” message is an opportunity to see the truth. Nothing was ever broken; this is simply an opportunity to learn, grow and strengthen. It’s easier said than done, I know. My secret weapon has been the inspirations of the Sacred Feminine Archetypes. They too hold shadow and they remind me that I have choices that are more helpful than my limited emotional reactions.

When the shadow of “not good enough” comes up, I can realize that I am in the brokenness/shadow of the Great Mother or the Goddess of Love, and can look to these Divine Feminine Allies to help me move through it as a strength training course that leaves me feeling more confident, energized and grateful because I’ve learned something rather than feeling like I just got my ass kicked by the Universe.

Goddess Emerging

If you’re ready to stop feeling broken, stop getting beat up by the life YOU SIGNED UP FOR, and start turning your challenges into magic-building, spiritual fitness training, you may want to consider joining us for the Magic Carpet Ride of the Living Wisdom Mystery School’s 13 Queens of Transformation. These Sacred Feminine Allies will show you their superpowers and all their secrets for rocking the bumps in life like a SuperStar. APPLY NOW. School starts October 4th and space is limited.

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Applications are due by September 30th and there are some scholarship and work trade positions still left and available on a first-come-first served basis, so don’t delay. Send in your contact form today.

Until next week, may strength, magic, and the Source be with YOU!


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