Entheogen Preparation & Integration Group: FREE


February 2


05:30 pm - 06:30 pm


Amanda Elo'Esh

Email: amandaeloesh@gmail.com Phone: 4157172963

Are you curious about working with plant medicines or want your plant medicine work to be deeper, safe and sacred?

Would you like to share your experiences and ask questions about plant medicine work in a safe space with knowledgeable and supportive facilitators and community?

You’re invited to join us monthly for a free group to help you prepare for and integrate your powerful journeys.

You’ll get . . .

* Your questions about medicine work answered
* Helpful practices to work more masterfully with plant medicines
* Guidance to prepare mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually
* Tips to integrate your experiences to make your work more meaningful & long lasting
* Connection with like-hearted community & build lasting relationships

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We’re here to help you awaken, expand, and break through.

Your Facilitators:
Amanda Elo’Esh, MA has worked with sacred plant medicine since 1998 and has lead transformational ceremonies, including Amazon retreats for over 15 years. She’s the founder of the dogma-free plant & energy medicine Living Wisdom Church, educated and initiated as a counselor, medicine guide, and trauma healer.

Dr. Matthew Gamble has been a spiritual leader for over two decades and spoken to communities around the world. He’s Director of Communications for Living Wisdom Church and helps guide medicine ceremonies and other transformational healing experiences.

Join us every 1st Wednesday of the month 5:30-6:30pm Pacific.

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