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A: I provide a much more professional and safe container for empowered transformation than healers and coaches who lack clinical education, experience and supervision, and I provide a much deeper and more spiritually focused approach than traditional therapists. I am known for bringing together science and spirituality for a phenomenal 100% success rate with my clients. I also offer a guarantee for my work, which just doesn't exist anywhere else. Integrity is one of the main pillars of my business. Your results are the priority.

A: My ideal client is someone who is outside the box or aching to break out of it. These people have a spiritual side that they want to deepen and cultivate in a way that honors their own personal values and beliefs. Though my history is based in working with women, I have supported many men to live their purpose and have more joy. My clients crave a spiritual connection and probably have unique or unusual gifts that have gone underground because they were either not appreciated or they were downright dangerous to express. They usually have a sense that there is more to life than meets the eye and they are ready to dive in and explore what treasures await with courage and chutzpah. My clients are ready to take the leap from their comfort zone and reach for their dreams, but are tired of trying and failing on their own.

A: SUCCESS! And an incredibly gentle and yet lightning fast journey out of painful patterns (and you may even open to experiences you never thought possible for yourself). You’ll have a seamless transition through your biggest fears (around money, success, and being seen) that have kept you from making a difference in the world and doing work you’re passionate about.

A: That’s fantastic. Now is the perfect time to start. I have all you need to discover what you’re really here to do.

A: Get one of my “Break Through To Success” Discovery Sessions. They’re valued at $500, but it’s my gift to you to get you started on your path to doing the work you’re here to do and making the difference you know you’re truly here to make.

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