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Rescue Your Inner Light from Trauma in 90 Days

And finally live the life you know you deserve!

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You know you need to raise your frequency to attract what you desire, but anxiety, depression, and self-sabotage keep you from manifesting your dreams


  • Positive affirmations aren’t giving you long lasting results.


  • You know you have gifts to share, but old wounds are overshadowing your light.


  • If you do make some headway, something comes along to trigger and pull you back down.


  • You’ve already invested countless hours and dollars to break through, but nothing has seemed to work (and at times it feels hopeless and even scary to keep trying).
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“…the unconscious mind is often terribly frightening; we have made much of its contents unconscious because we want nothing to do with it. It takes a strong heart, honesty, and a desire to learn and face one's problems in order to enter the dark areas of our suppressed inner self.

Nothing is more helpful than the presence of a kind, loving, understanding person thoroughly familiar with the dark regions of the mind - a companion who is confident of her ability to help one navigate and resolve those regions that have been an enormous burden in the past, a person who knows the wonder of being free.

The willingness to surrender to the experience and allow such resolution to proceed often results in the most valuable kind of learning about one's repressed feelings, hidden values, compulsions and aspirations, and inappropriate behavior.”

~ Myron Stolaroff, The Secret Chief Revealed (2004)

Imagine how your life could be different if you were:

  • Finally free from the pain of old trauma 
  • Able to finally shine your light that’s been aching to be truly & safely seen
  • Manifesting powerfully by attracting everything you need (without effort)
  • Confident in your decisions
  • Guided by intuition and Source Wisdom
  • Clear about how to reach your goals
  • Able to feel the energetic expansion and lightness of breaking through to your Inalienable Sovereignty & full human potential
Sovereign & Empowered priestess

Carissa Johnsen

"Working with Amanda has significantly changed my life. I was immediately drawn to the way she honors traditions, respects medicine and the way she embodies her own work-- I deeply trust her and her guidance.

Since the beginning of our connection, I have been able to access emotions I had repressed from my childhood around love, open up to new levels of consciousness and develop my spiritual gifts on a greater level. I continue to expand every time we connect and look forward to us joining forces to host international retreats together.
Amanda is world class. She's a grounded spiritualist, wise woman and powerful teacher. Her connection with spiritual forces and the energy that she cultivates in ceremonies is unparalleled. I highly recommend joining everything she has to offer this world. You will not be disappointed."
~ Carissa Johnsen, CEO Freedom Designers


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Sovereign & Empowered 90 Day Journey:

Rescue Your Inner Light from Trauma & Finally Live the Life You Deserve!

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What makes the Sovereign & Empowered 90 Day Journey different?

  • It’s custom-tailored to meet you where you’re at & get you where you want to be
  • You learn life-long practices to turn triggers into stepping stones
  • It goes to the core to truly heal old trauma that’s held you back for so long
  • It is gentle, enjoyable, and fun (Yes! FUN shadow work!)
  • It joins science and spirituality for phenomenal results
  • It provides long-lasting relief
  • It alleviates multiple challenges (physical, relational, financial, emotional, spiritual) 
  • Provides options to work with sacred psychedelics to quantum leap your healing
  • Proven to be immeasurably more effective than talk therapy and other approaches
  • Results driven so you can be confident you’re really going to break through
  • Amanda has an unprecedented 40 years of academic, spiritual, shamanic, indigenous and direct experience and initiation to support you
Sovereign & Empowered priestess


"My experience with Amanda was nothing short of magical. Working with Amanda, I was able to finally relax and release old trauma and stress. Our time together was transformative in the gentle way she was able to intuitively know what I needed. I felt a deep healing in my heart and a release that’s hard to put into words. I am forever grateful for Amanda’s wisdom and her compassionate approach."

~Rachel Gitlevich, student, entrepreneur



  • You’ll have more energy because you no longer have to control the darkness inside
  • You’ll have greater confidence because you know how to navigate triggers with ease
  • You’ll have clarity about the decisions you make because they’re guided by Source instead of fear
  • You’ll enjoy healthy relationships because you have healthy boundaries and self-love guiding you
  • You’ll attract greater success because you radiate light that’s irresistible to all that you desire
  • You’ll manifest powerfully instead of struggling to survive
  • You’ll be free to go where you want and do what you want because fear of being triggered no longer haunts you
  • You’ll say good-bye to negative self-talk and replace it with loving rituals and praise that are life-giving
  • You’ll know what it’s like to truly love yourself and your life, and be loved in return
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What folks are saying about working with Amanda . . .

"Working with Amanda not only gave me practical tools to know how to know who my audience is and how to make more money, we really cleared out what was blocking me from my success! I'll be forever grateful for that shift!" ~Julie Catoe, yoga instructor

"Amanda not only saved my business, but my marriage! She's a life saver!" ~Michelle Peticolas, PhD

"It feels like a quantum leap in evolution was made possible . . . Ways of being that were no longer serving came to a hard stop." ~Claire Rumore, coach


How will we get there?

You're unique and so is your journey with Amanda Elo'Esh.


Amanda accepts only 2 new clients each month. It’s important for her to be completely resourced, present, and available to give you all she’s got to get you to your new level of consciousness, wellness, vitality, and joy.


Apply now (which includes scheduling a live call with Amanda) to explore the perfect personalized journey to get you from where you are now to that place you were starting to think wasn’t possible . . . in as little as 90 days!


A year of traditional psychotherapy doesn't promise you any results, has been proven to be only as effective as a placebo, and is over $7,000 (conservative estimate).

With Amanda, you can get proven results in as little as 90 days for far less.


Your new elevated future is waiting for you, and this is your first step to get there.



"Half way through my work with Amanda (4 weeks) I wanted to extend our journey because I was seeing so many positive transformations in my life and I wanted to keep going, but Amanda told me to wait until our 90 day program was complete. When we finished, I realized I was living in a completely new paradigm and all I wanted to do was just go and enjoy my new reality. I really appreciate Amanda's honesty and integrity as well as the miracle she made possible in my life."  ~CJ, accountant (who's about to sell her business and lead women's circles)

1:1 Personal Support

Heal subconscious programs, core wounds, and trauma through a gentle, deep, long term healing approach that is quantum fast and proven to be 10x more powerful and effective than traditional talk/psychotherapy

Private Ceremony & Retreats

Do deep ancestral, spiritual, psychic, and emotional healing, activate your supersenses so that you can manifest powerfully and get crystal clear vision about your noble purpose. 

Priestess Apprenticeship

Step into your spiritual calling as a Priestess - leading rituals, guiding ceremonies, and activating your own spiritual power with Sacred Feminine mysteries, personally guided by a world class spiritual mentor.

(This is a free, no obligation call and application. There’s no risk, so take the next step toward your dream now).


When you work with Amanda, there’s literally no risk involved, because you’re backed by her 14 day money back guarantee!

No more excuses! Time for results!

Meet Amanda Elo’Esh, your Quicker Waker Upper!

Amanda Chalice FULL EDITED


Founder & President of the dogma-free, sacred psychedelic Living Wisdom non-profit, Amanda Elo’Esh has been receiving visions & guidance for these powerful times of uncertainty & transformation for 40 years.


She’s passionately pursued academic & mystical initiations to help you access your inalienable sovereignty by eliminating painful subconscious patterns & core wounds keeping you limited & stuck. 


She received her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology & Expressive Arts Therapy as well as her certification in Integrative Medicine Guided Imagery from California Institute of Integral Studies, & has shared her gifts at California Pacific Medical Center, Institute for Health & Healing, & Marin General Hospital. She's also taught internationally, including Auroville India, O*Z*O*R*A Psychedelic Festival in Hungary, Google, & California Institute for Integral Studies. 


She is the author of “Unlock Your Success Codes,” & “The Go Ask Alice Oracle & Tea Party Game.”


Successful millennial womxn hire Amanda to discover & strengthen your spiritual path. As a Spiritual Success Mentor, she helps you clear subconscious blocks & activate your spiritual gifts with Sacred Feminine Archetypes & Plant Medicine practices & rituals.


She guides transformational ceremonies & trains spiritually driven fempreneurs to awaken your supersenses, step into your leadership, live your Noble Purpose, & prosper (Not "Someday," but NOW).




Amanda’s work is PERFECT for you if...

  • You have the courage to do deep internal exploration
  • You’re ready for core healing
  • You want long-lasting results instead of quick fixes
  • You’re willing to invest in yourself
  • You’re committed to having a better life and trying new approaches
  • You’re ready to fully love yourself, even your shadow
  • You think you may have supersenses and gifts you want to awaken and activate
  • You want to manifest more powerfully with less effort
  • You desire ritual and self-care practices instead of pharmaceuticals
  • You want to be/stay open as an empath/channel, AND keep clear energetic boundaries for yourself
  • You’re ready to uplevel your energy, health, relationships, consciousness, and spiritual connection (and embody your human potential)
  • You are ready to treat your life as a sacred gift
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More praise for Amanda Elo'Esh. . .

"Amanda Elo'Esh is a gifted and intuitive guide, mentor and healer.  She helped me look at some deep patterns within myself with love, compassion, and courage.  I highly recommend her if you are feeling stuck in your life, overwhelmed, or just looking for where your next steps and breakthroughs are." ~Julia Butterfly Hill, activist, author

“I feel really profoundly different. Because it’s in the subconscious, I can’t really describe it, but my relationship and the way I’m living my life are really profoundly different. I’m having a lot of fun! I don’t know how this is working, but it’s working! Resistance was a tug-of-war inside, but now, even with just this short period of time to work on it, it’s in effortless flow.” ~Lauren Schiermeyer, energy healer, yogini

“Amanda, thank you so much for showing me that even in a foreign country I can spread my light and be successful! I will never forget how you lead me to my new business and how special was the sacred ceremony in your temple/ chalice room. Gratitude and so much love to you!” ~Patricia Lima, CEO Chamapurna


“What a balanced, inclusive and inspiring journey this has become. Amanda knows her stuff, no question. This is a sacred/friendly/safe space for all of us to swirl amongst divine and intentional energies and healing. Oh, and did I mention magic? That, too. Satisfied and nourished.” ~Mandy M, MFT

NOW is a perfect time!

You see the immense shifts that are happening all around you.

Deep down, you know that we are headed for a great awakening. If you are not free from old fear, scarcity, and subjugation programming, it will be a rude awakening that could lead to a downward spiral, OR it could be a beautiful, gentle midwifing into a new age (and dimension) of consciousness. It’s your choice.

You are sovereign, but maybe not fully accessing your Sovereign nature.


You’ve done the lone wolf long enough.

You’ve struggled long enough.


There is help, and now is the time to let it in.

You have questions? Amanda has answers!

This is a free, no obligation conversation to explore where you're at, where you want to be, and how Amanda can support you on your unique path to freedom from trauma and your Inalienable Sovereignty.

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