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A revolutionary approach that transforms conflict into greater intimacy & returns you to the magic you once had.

What IS Elavationship? A quick introduction . . .

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We've tried EVERYTHING!

You’ve tried couples’ therapy, relationship retreats, and coaching . . .  Maybe it moved the dial a little bit for a little while, but you’re still having the same old arguments and issues popping up again and again.

You’re craving the love and intimacy you used to have because you know that you could make a great team and feel the love you used to have for each other, but blame, resentment and repeated conflicts are getting in the way of that deep, soulful connection you desire.

Imagine . . . 

  • Being able to put an end to arguments and blame because you have simple & effective tools to strengthen and resolve conflict without causing hard feelings.


  • Celebrating when conflict arises because you know it will help you both heal old trauma and lead you to a stronger, healthier & deeper relationship.


  • Returning to the love and intimacy - not just the way it used to be, but even more profound because you really see, understand, and accept each other, shadow and all.


  • No more walking around on eggshells trying to avoid triggering your partner because you know each trigger will lead to healing and growth in your partnership. That means you get to be your authentic self without censorship or fear of rejection.


  • Bringing more than just a mindful approach, stepping into a Sacred Healing approach to your union, so that you can heal at the soul level, and deepen your spiritual connection as a couple.
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Hello courageous explorer of the heart! I’m Amanda Elo’Esh!


I have spent a lifetime learning about how to heal trauma through deep exploration of the subconscious and intimate relationships.

It’s been a profound pleasure and joy to share what I’ve learned with countless couples and individuals to access greater love without sacrificing personal freedom or authentic self-expression, and enjoying greater intimacy in their closest relationships.

I’m passionate about helping spiritually-oriented singles and couples to enjoy deep and meaningful relationships without co-dependency or compromising their own inner truth and integrity in exchange for love and affection.

I grew up without any examples of healthy partnership and was conditioned to be a self-sacrificing caretaker who had to be perfect and ignore my own needs to be worthy of being loved.

During one particularly traumatizing relationship dissolve, the Holy came to me as a personal mentor and showed me how to listen to, trust, and honor my Higher Wisdom to navigate the threats to my physical, emotional, and spiritual safety. I was also given guidance to “Pay attention to how you navigate this because you will show others how to do the same.”

I was blessed to find the sacred medicine (psychedelics) path, which helped me to accelerate my own healing, and then became initiated in multiple indigenous medicine traditions and now work with these incredible plant allies to help others quantum leap their personal growth and healing.

Now, I know how to access my Higher Wisdom, honor what is healthy, and communicate my needs and boundaries honestly and clearly so that my relationships are stronger, healthier, and more aligned. I no longer sacrifice my own well-being to take care of others, and my relationships are healthier and more nourishing than ever before.

I no longer fear being alone or unloved because the love I offer myself is irresistible to relationships that are soul-connected and up-lifting. And as I’ve been able to reach these new heights, my clients are also finding their way to greater heights of love and intimacy.

This is my prayer for you, and why I created the Elevationship method, so that anyone who wants to can replace conflict with greater intimacy and return to the magic they once had (but even better than before).

Introducing . . .


A revolutionary approach that transforms conflict into greater intimacy & returns you to the magic you once had.

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You are unique & so is our approach. Amanda loves connecting with you and exploring the best ways to support you in navigating your unique challenges and reaching your personal goals. Here are some of the most popular and effective ways Amanda helps couples achieve Elevationship

Private Retreats

Couples Private Retreat Entheogens

Let's create your perfect retreat: Dropping in for a day or even an extended 3 day weekend can be the turning point you need to break through stuck points, connect at the heart and soul level, and give your relationship the boost into Elevationship it’s been needing. You can experience this on it’s own or in combination with our other modalities.

Be held by a world class medicine woman who's served over 1,000 people, and been educated and initiated to make your experience safe, sacred, and profoundly life-changing.

We are located in Napa County in Northern California. Come and have a "spa day for the soul" with the healing waters that are here. And we can come to you, or plan an amazing destination retreat together to make it the perfect reset and upgrade for your new Elevationship.

Sacred Medicine / Psychedelic Therapy Optional. We are a 501(c)3 and plant medicines are a part of our articles of incorporation, recognized by the U.S. Government. Learn more here:

1:1 Sessions

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All healing in relationship with others starts with the relationship you have with yourself.

Your 1:1 Zoom sessions with Amanda help you personalize and practice Subconscious Success Repatterning so that you can use your triggers to heal old trauma, access greater freedom to express yourself authentically, and experience greater intimacy (by being able to make clear requests, have strong boundaries, and release resentments and repeat, worn-out arguments). You'll get deep, compassionate support and learn how to make this a life-long healing practice to support you through every new layer of growth you evolve through.

1:2 Sessions

Amanda online Zoom

These sessions will help you and your partner learn how to apply the Elevationship method to your unique dynamics and issues so that you can heal old trauma, stop the “blame game,” and end broken record arguments.

You'll breathe easy when conflict arises because you'll have clear and simple tools to turn it into greater intimacy that brings you closer instead of more distant and resentful. You'll have a safe and sacred container to share vulnerably, and be seen with compassion by your your partner.

NO MORE paying a stranger to tell them your problems! These sessions will teach you practices that will help you to make huge strides towards long-lasting, deep intimacy.

Full Day Ceremony


Spa Day for Your Soul: Come to the beautiful Napa County, Northern California for a spa day for your soul.

You’ll get a full day to drop in together and be held in a safe and sacred container so that you can really release old trauma and wounds that keep making their way into your current relationships.

You will be supported in going deep into the places that need healing, and rescue the light that's been hiding. You'll also find deep connection as the armor and walls come down.

Master Plant Allies are a beautiful support to accessing greater love within and with your partner.

With or without Entheogens / Sacred Plant Medicine. We are a 501(c)3 recognized by the Federal Government with sacred plant medicines listed in our articles of incorporation. Check out

Want to be held by the Feminine & Masculine balance?

Amanda Elo'Esh and Dr. Matthew Gamble have been in a deep and evolving partnership through romance, co-habitation, spiritual leadership in community. and in serving couples. They have been attracting and helping couples who want to end the fighting and drop into authentic and new ways of relating that honor their unique values, needs, challenges, and goals.

Sometimes having the balance of the feminine and masculine can help both partners to feel safe, seen, and fully supported.

Amanda and Matthew love working together and are providing profound healing for their couples.

You can visit them in the beautiful Napa County in Northern California (and enjoy the world renown mineral waters and nature hikes while you're here), they can come to you, or you can plan together to create an amazing destination retreat to do a relationship reset in the paradise of your choice.

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ELEVATIONSHIP is perfect for you if . . .

Couple with hands up facing camera
  • You recognize that healthy relationships with others require a healthy relationship with yourself and are ready to clean up the parts of your relationship with yourself that are full of self-judgment, shame, and negativity


  • You are ready to end repeat arguments and blame and do deep core wound healing so that you can be free to live authentically, connect more deeply, and replace conflict with greater intimacy


  • You are courageous enough to get vulnerable in a safe and sacred container with your partner, and learn how to bring compassion and forgiveness into your relationship with your partner


  • You value mindfulness and conscious connections and are ready for an even deeper, sacred union in your partnership


  • You value your relationship and are ready to make this a high priority


  • You are committed to show up, do the work, and let go of defenses that have kept you feeling safe, but unavailable for deeper intimacy


  • You are ready to invest in yourself and your relationship

How do I get started?

Let’s talk!

You are unique and so is your relationship. We want to create a program that is the perfect fit for you, your values, your strengths, your needs, and your goals. Schedule some time now to explore how to move your relationship into Elevationship in the next 90 days.

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This is a free, no-obligation call, and we want you to respect your time and ours by only signing up for this conversation if you are serious about investing in your relationship and moving forward now.

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What makes ELEVATIONSHIP different?

  • Elevationship is a powerful alchemical combination of scientifically researched and supported methods, consistent and reliably observable results for countless couples, and a potent spiritual and intuitive approach that brings in something greater than just conscious shifts. It honors your sacred life and strengthens your sacred union.


  • We provide deep subconscious healing and teach you how to do it for yourself (honestly, we are committed to you not needing us long term).


  • You’re not just paying a stranger to report your problems to. We listen deeply, facilitate deep healing at the soul level, and connect you with effective practices that will change your life for the better.


  • We offer observable results (usually within the 1st week).


  • Compared to typical relationship counseling, Elevationship requires much less time and even less financial investment: A year of typical couple’s therapy could easily cost between $11-22k, and there are no real commitments to provide transformation. Couples' retreats can be about the same. Then add in all of the indirect expenses of dealing with the stress of having an unhappy relationship. Our approach is a proven method that creates profound changes that are long-lasting in about 3 months.


  • We are typically complete within 90 days. No drawn out rehashing of your problems with no relief in sight.


  • We do our best to help you strengthen your relationship and make our support as available as possible.


  • We go out of our way to support you through the tough spots. We will check in with you in between sessions during times of personal challenges because we care about you from a holistic approach.
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"Other than my children and my grandson being born, that was the most powerful and meaningful thing that's ever happened to me in my life!" ~Jeff M.

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"From our work together in this format, I can honestly say I’ve seen more dramatic improvements in our intimacy, and my trust and love for my husband. Amanda and Matthew are truly magic as a team for couple’s work!” ~ Jessica Kolahi

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"I'm so grateful for my session with Amanda in helping me call in loving and healthy partnership. I had been working every angle on my own but still felt I was missing something.  Amanda gently guided me on a deep and profound meditation journey that allowed me access to some hidden sadness and disappointment with the masculine archetypes in my life and helped me to heal and clear those blocks.  Her calm, loving and authentic presence gave me  the space and safety to locate some important pieces that needed healing in order to call in a loving partner. It was only a month after our session that I called in exactly what I was desiring. I highly suggest working with Amanda. She's highly skilled at targeting the hidden shadows and bringing light to the places that need love, attention and nurturing so you can call in your hearts greatest desire." ~ Michaelah Ivie


"I started working with Amanda after a string of bad choices in relationships. We quickly identified some old shame in my subconscious that I was able to heal, and then soon after that - before I was even done with my work with Amanda, I met the woman that would become my wife. Now we have a beautiful son and I know I am with my soulmate! I'm beyond grateful for what I was able to experience because of my work with Amanda." ~ Peter M.

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“ Love it love it love it I have specifically had triggers this year that are unique. Every couple should try this method. And truly, this helps in all types of relationships  ”  ~ Ashley J.

CEO Woman

“My sessions with Amanda had a tangible positive impact in my life starting with the first session. Her compassionate and honest feedback has had a positive impact on me and my partner. My family has noticed a dramatic shift in my personality--improving on responding, instead of reacting. Most of all, Amanda has helped me to love myself more each day and work non-judgmentally to create the life I envision for myself. I am just so grateful to have connected with her and to benefit from her gifted intuition. Thank you, Universe, for bringing this wonderful woman into my life.” ~ Bea P.

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“Thank you so much for spending the time with me today [in our private ceremony]. I am beyond words with gratitude for your work, support, and guidance. I feel lighter, more understood, and at peace inside.” ~ Joan D.

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A few more . . .

"Your greatest investment is in yourself"

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer help for other kinds of relationships? 
    • Yes! We've worked with parents and children, siblings, and other close relationships that needed support to enjoy deeper connection, better communication, and healthy boundaries.


  • Do you work with LGBTQ+ couples?
    • Yes! We celebrate gender in all of it's forms and believe that everyone deserves to be supported in healing, connecting, and strengthening their relationships regardless of gender identity.


  • Do you work with non-monogamous couples?
    • Yes! Love doesn't fit into a box! We honor all forms of love and all configurations of relationships, including ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, triads, and other outside-the-box connections.


  • Do you offer other kinds of psychedelic assisted therapy?
    • Yes we do. We provide powerful, safe, and sacred healing at the subconscious level for trauma from cults and high demand organizations (including religious trauma), PTSD, addiction, depression, end of life challenges, or simply wanting to strengthen and deepen your spiritual path and find greater access to your inner wisdom.


  • You mentioned a 501(c)3. Tell me more.
    • Amanda Elo'Esh is Founder and President of Living Wisdom, a 501(c)3 nonprofit religious organization created to provide safe and sacred spaces for our diverse community to learn, heal, and grow together. She has served over 1,000 people in over 200 medicine ceremonies. Living Wisdom offers different social and healing gatherings to support community building. Located in Northern California (Napa County), they provide scholarships for the BIPOC & LGBTQ+ community and are passionate about safe and sacred medicine work and provide extensive preparation, integration, and education about working with "psychedelics" (aka Entheogens: "generating God within") in a respectful way. You can learn more and apply to attend their group ceremonies here:

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More from Amanda Elo'Esh . . .


Amanda is founder and president of Living Wisdom Church, a dogma-free plant & energy medicine based community, committed to helping all beings to access your inalienable sovereignty.

Our mission is to create safe & sacred spaces for our diverse community to learn, heal, & grow together.

We are here to bring sacred back & remember the sacredness of all life, showing up in the face of anger, fear, & judgment with loving kindness & compassion. We are here to build bridges, not walls.

We offer FREE healing medicine ceremonies & other high vibrational and conscious events.

We are committed to anti-racism & raising the voices of our BIPOC, LGBTQ & other historically marginalized community.

Join our community & weave your prayers with ours!

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Successful millennial womxn hire Amanda to discover & strengthen your spiritual path. Either learning to guide your own healing medicine ceremonies or step fully into your spiritual power & sovereignty, Amanda's world class education & initiations weave science & spiritual mysteries together for safe & sacred transformation.

As a Spiritual Success Mentor, Amanda clears subconscious blocks & activates your spiritual gifts with Sacred Feminine & Plant Medicine practices & rituals.

She helps you break through painful, stuck patterns, strengthen your intuition, enjoy loving relationships, live more, and work less . . . with the secrets of the Sacred Feminine, Plant Medicine and masterful results-focused mentorship.

To learn more about personal mentorship from Amanda Elo’Esh schedule a “Live Your Purpose & Prosper” Discovery Session now.”


If you are seeking deep and potent transformation of all that has kept you from living your Noble Purpose, & finally accessing your fullest potential as a Sovereign womxn, you are invited into the S O V R N journey where you'll receive masterful support with a diverse and spiritually focused community.

This program is a potent initiation with the Sacred Feminine Archetypes and Plant Medicine and is only for those who are courageous, ready to face and embrace your shadow, and stand strong to lead others through this time of uncertainty.

What happens next is up to us.


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