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Dear Sovereign Queen;

Were you born a healer, guide, or light worker to assist others in navigating this time of transformation & uncertainty, but your own survival is keeping you from your greater calling?

Is it harder than you thought?


  • You want to use your gifts to serve the spiritual awakening in this powerful era of transformation, but you don't know how.
  • You long to build community, but feel isolated & unsure how to move forward.
  • Lack of clarity & confidence keep you from your Sovereignty, your Power, and living your Noble Purpose.


It can feel overwhelming, and easy to put it off until later.



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Priestess Codex cover

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What if your greatest offering was living a sacred life?

Meet Amanda Elo'Esh

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Even though I'm an "Old Soul," who's had access to Source Wisdom my whole life, I have gotten lost, too, in the human experience. Forgotten my power, my value, my gifts, and my noble purpose.

I know the pain of being "different." 

As a Sacred Rebel, honoring the guidance from Source and accountable to my inner knowing, I've faced challenges that have brought me into moments of self-doubt, feeling alone, unseen, unvalued, and questioning if that powerful light inside was just an illusion leading me down a path to nowhere.

But time after time, Source has helped me to rise up from the darkness and turn every challenge into a priceless gift that I wouldn't trade for anything. This is the path of the Sovereign Queen, or the "Sovereigness" as I like to say. 

Because I know the immense joy of being deeply connected with everything that is greater than us that wishes us well, I'm passionate about helping others to find their own sovereignty, and their own unique relationship with Source.

I believe that when we are tuned in to Source, living our Noble Purpose, we thrive, and when we are thriving, we have the resources to be kind and loving, and we have the ability to lead others to their own Sovereignty.

The reign of domination and "power over" is crumbling. The world needs more leaders to access their sovereignty and assist others in rising up from the darkness so that we can enjoy POWER WITH.

This Priest:ess Codex was created to help you navigate these times of uncertainty and step into your sovereign leadership so that you can help others to ascend from the darkness and access their own sovereignty and freedom.


You were born for this moment! Don't let it slip away!

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Amanda is founder and president of Living Wisdom Church, a dogma-free plant and energy medicine based community, committed to helping all beings to access their inalienable sovereignty.

Our mission is to create safe and sacred spaces for our diverse community to learn, heal, and grow together.

We are here to bring sacred back, and to remember the sacredness of all life, showing up in the face of anger, fear, and judgment with loving kindness and compassion. We are here to build bridges, not walls.

We offer healing medicine ceremonies and other high vibrational and conscious events and we provide scholarships to each of our offerings.

We are committed to anti-racism and raising the voices of our BIPOC, LGBTQ & other historically marginalized community.

Join our community and weave your prayers with ours!


Amanda helps successful, spiritually focused womxn who are feeling burned out and disconnected from their feminine power and from Source.

She helps you break through painful, stuck patterns, strengthen your intuition, enjoy loving relationships, live more, and work less . . . with the secrets of the Sacred Feminine, Plant Medicine and masterful results-focused mentorship.

To learn more about personal mentorship from Amanda Elo’Esh schedule a “Live Your Purpose & Prosper” Discovery Session now.”

If you are seeking deep and potent transformation of all that has kept you from living your Noble Purpose, and finally accessing your fullest potential as a Sovereign womxn, you are invited into the S O V R N journey where you'll receive masterful support with a diverse and spiritually focused community.

This program is a potent initiation with the Sacred Feminine Archetypes and Plant Medicine and is only for those who are courageous, ready to face and embrace your shadow, and stand strong to lead others through this time of uncertainty.

What happens next is up to us.


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