You were born for this moment!

You were born for this moment!

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I help spiritually-focused womxn to discover & claim your powerful medicine & share your unique gifts so you can create & lead projects that change the world.


Finally write that book, build your healing center, or create your own non-profit! 

Don't let your dreams get stuck in the future "some day." Make the leap today!

What if your greatest offering was your investment in yourself?


Get Started with this gift from me to you . . . Unlock Your Spiritual Success Code!

Claim Your Spiritual Success Mentoring Kit Now!

You'll receive my eBooklet & Guided Meditation MP3 practice "Unlock Your Success Code" to learn my most potent practice for breaking through resistance, self-doubt, and fear.

You also get a "Heart Alchemy Mastery" Discovery Call to explore how I can help you accelerate your mission, vision and goals with swiftness and royal ease.

+ I'll send you special invitations, inspirations, and other gifts along the way.

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You've been programmed to stay small, but you don't have to stay stuck!

Your subconscious is full of survival, scarcity, and fear-based programs that keep you struggling with worry and self-doubt, and unhappy with how you've crafted your life.

I'm here to help you discover your powerful medicine, lift up out of the mundane, and finally act on that "some day" goal that's been stuck in the future "some day" for way too long!

There is no joy greater than witnessing your Noble Purpose finally take flight. Take the leap!

Are you ready to think differently? Are you ready for Inalienable Sovereignty?

Amanda Elo'Esh works uniquely & masterfully with Sacred Plant Medicines, dogma-free & grounded spiritual practices, as well as science-based guided imagery and Subconscious Success Repatterning to help you access your unreasonable peace & unimaginable happiness.

No more denial, no more spiritual bypassing.

This one-of-a-kind bridge between science and the sacred is results-driven, and it is available to even the most skeptical seeker. All it takes to work is your curiosity and commitment to yourself.

If you're ready to dismantle the patriarchal, colonial, and ancestral wounds and programming that have held you back way too long, NOW is the time, and there is no time to waste.

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Located just 4 minutes from Spirit Rock in Northern California, Arroyo Bridge is your safe & sacred space to gather with diverse community coming to learn, heal, and grow together.

We offer healing medicine ceremonies and other high vibrational and conscious events.

Join our community and weave your prayers with us!


Amanda helps successful women who feel overworked, undervalued and disconnected from their feminine power and from Source.

She helps you to break through painful, stuck patterns, enjoy loving relationships, live more, and work less . . . on purpose.

To learn more about personal mentorship from Amanda Elo’Esh schedule a “Live Your Purpose & Prosper” Discovery Session now.”

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Amanda offers plant medicine ceremonies, sacred leadership training, and spiritual mentoring in the San Francisco Bay Area and retreats in Mexico and the Peruvian Amazon.

Click below to learn more and register for upcoming ceremonies and retreats.

Here for you and your spiritual awakening,