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Live Your Noble Purpose & Prosper

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Sacred Rebel

Live Your Noble Purpose & Prosper

Are you ready to step into True Success, Sacred Rebel?

Unlock Your Spiritual Success Code!

Claim Your Spiritual Success Mentoring Kit Now!

Are you ready to step into True Success, Sacred Rebel?

Unlock Your Spiritual Success Code!

Claim Your Spiritual Success Mentoring Kit Now!

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90% of your behavior is ruled by your SUBCONSCIOUS!

That means you can't see it and it's hiding from your conscious self. The more you continue to try to break out of those patterns on your own, the more precious time you're wasting not enjoying the success you know you deserve.

Truth is, your current consciousness is what got you where you are now.

Are you ready to think differently?

Amanda Elo’Esh helps leaders and people of influence to deprogram the trauma from your subconscious and bring more meaning, sacredness, and spiritually guided change into your work, relationships, and social impact.

She believes that through correcting old survival-based subconscious patterns and tuning into higher sources of consciousness and wisdom, you can become more at-choice in your decisions and behaviors, and you can work less and thrive more in abundance with royal ease.

Working with Sacred Plant allies in a safe and ceremonial setting can help you to shift the subconscious at quantum speeds.

If you're ready to put down the old paradigms that have you overworking and still wondering “what’s the point?” at the end of the day, check out Amanda’s ceremonies, events and other offerings.

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Located just 4 minutes from Spirit Rock in Northern California, Arroyo Bridge is your safe & sacred space to gather with diverse community coming to learn, heal, and grow together.

We offer healing medicine ceremonies and other high vibrational and conscious events.

Join our community and weave your prayers with us!


Amanda helps successful women who feel overworked, undervalued and disconnected from their feminine power and from Source.

She helps you to break through painful, stuck patterns, enjoy loving relationships, live more, and work less . . . on purpose.

To learn more about personal mentorship from Amanda Elo’Esh schedule a “Live Your Purpose & Prosper” Discovery Session now.”

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Amanda offers plant medicine ceremonies, sacred leadership training, and spiritual mentoring in the San Francisco Bay Area and retreats in Mexico and the Peruvian Amazon.

Click below to learn more and register for upcoming ceremonies and retreats.

Ready to step into your Noble Purpose & Thrive?

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