Apprenticeships & Mentoring

Spiritually-driven folks hire Amanda to discover & strengthen your spiritual path, especially those who are curious about exploring psychedelics (aka Entheogens or Sacred Plant Medicine) in a good way.

Whether you are seeking world class personal training to guide healing ceremonies or want to rescue your inner light from trauma and live your Divine human potential, this is your place to break through invisible blocks and accelerate your progress on your path.

As a seasoned Psychedelic Assisted Trauma Healer, Amanda helps you by clearing subconscious blocks and activating your spiritual gifts (including your supersenses) with Sacred Feminine Wisdom & Plant Medicine practices & rituals.

My sacred prayer for you is to . . .

  • End overwhelm & burnout with pleasurable manifestation practices to bring flow & ease into your life
  • Attract healthy, loving relationships that are long-lasting
  • Create a fulfilling spiritual path that nourishes you daily
  • Live your Noble Purpose & Prosper
  • Give you all you need to work confidently & reverently with psychedelic sacraments.
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LWS Me & Katherine Moon

Receive personal support from Amanda

Learn more about Psychedelic Assisted Subconscious Healing & schedule a “Sovereign & Empowered” Discovery Session now.

One on One Subconscious Healing Testimonials

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