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Upcoming Ceremonies, Circles & Retreats

13 month program offered online & on location in a private retreat center in Oakland, CA. We are coming together to birth the new paradigm of leadership in the world and to model how it CAN be: honoring all humans as equal, honoring all life as sacred, living sustainability, respecting cultural diversity, and being in conscious relationship with all that is greater than us that wishes us well so that we can expand beyond our limited thinking and co-create a New Earth that can thrive in peace and harmony.
Discover how the Sacred Plant Allies support you on your path to healing. Working with Sacred Plant Medicine in a safe container can exponentially shift your work to change subconscious patterning that has you stuck in painful survival-based programming. Sacred Plant Allies, when experienced in a safe and sacred container by an experienced facilitator can take a lifetime of struggle and transform it into a gentle opening into grace, joy and success beyond your imagination.
Visioning Circles are Sacred Medicine Ceremonies offered safely and legally through Medicine Path Native American Church and include a powerful microdose of the Sacred Plant Medicine, Huachumita. Each participant will make a prayer for their life, witnessed by the Hochoka (community of sacred witnesses), followed by a guided journey with sound to open up the mind, heart and body to the healing we have requested.