Living Wisdom Sisterhood

Medicine Sisters

Medicine Sisters are women who are offering services that are aligned with the Living Wisdom School, and we cross-refer, but different from Living Wisdom School.

A dear colleague and co-conspirer in liberating consciousness from the illusion, Maria Christina Owl, is now enrolling students for her 9 month program in Transformational Leadership for Community & Planetary Healing. This is a life-changing journey of Soul Initiation, focused on developing intuitive gifts, connecting with Ancestral wisdom, honing facilitation skills, and stepping into ritual & ceremonial leadership. The program is held through an online classroom with 3 in-person retreats. The first tele-class is on April 26, so if you are curious, please reach out to her soon: More info:

Yalila Espinoza

We honor the memory of our Medicine Sister, Yalila, who served our community with integrity and deep commitment.

Living Wisdom SUPERSTARS


Living Wisdom Superstars are women who have either done the full 13 month initiation work or did the Amazon initiation.

Claire Rumore is a coach, counselor, & confidant who works with men, women and couples to explore conscious sexuality, deepen relational intimacy, and understand their own and their partner’s love languages and erotic blueprints.
Adrianne Tamar Arachne is a Colorado-based artist who pulls glowing lights, bohemian musings, bioluminescent innovations, and surreal dimensions from the ethers. She merges strong technical abilities, a deep sense of magic, and a shamanic relationship to the earth in order to form her unique style. She views her work as a melding of interests in visionary art, fantasy art, and concept illustration. (This image was inspired by Adrianne’s visions in the Amazon and my request that she create an “Alchemical Goddess” for the Living Wisdom School)
Candace Smith is a brand storyteller and essence photographer. Her mission is to help purpose driven leaders to incorporate their inherent power and unique essence for their online branding and use it as a tool for attraction. Candace is a former model who built a successful career creating characters and hiding her true self for most of a decade, so she's adept at finding the subtleties of self and bringing them out with ease . She currently works locally with badass entrepreneurs who are upleveling their online presence and globally with retreat leaders, co-creating transformational experiences that combine her gift of storytelling and her skills as a visionary seer. More of her work at: or her Passion Project:
Carly D is an international DJ, Music Producer, Sound Healer, and the CEO of Gruntworthy Music. Carly is sparking evolution through music.

Living Wisdom SUPERSTARS


Kim Forcina is a clairaudient, clairvoyant guide offering coaching for Dreamers and Creatives.
Kristen Holmberg Paradiso is a Visionary Artist. View & purchase prints of her work at To commission a personalized healing artwork for yourself or a loved one please email:
We honor the memory of our superstar sister, Wendy Faith, who was a bright light and inspiration to all who were blessed to know her.
Mandy Miller, MFT offers Psychotherapy and counseling that invites and allows your own clarity to come back.

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