Sacred Leadership Certification Program

Source Your Spiritual Success Sacred Leadership Program

Unlock Your Spiritual Success Code – Access Your Life’s Purpose & Prosper with Integrity & Joy

Sacred Leadership Certification Program

13 month program offered online & on location in a private retreat center in Oakland, CA

This program is open to 20 Initiates ONLY and includes:
  • 13 x Full Day Ceremonies (1 for each Wisdom Goddess Archetype -monthly for 13 months - LIVE gathering 2nd Saturday of each month)
  • Alchemical Wisdom Goddess Activation Ceremony (1:1 Private Ceremony)
  • 13 x Spiritual Success Mentoring Calls (1:1 Skype/Phone - monthly)
  • 13 x Spiritual Success Mentoring Group Calls (Zoom - monthly)
  • Certification in Subconscious Success Repatterning (Zoom)
  • Ordination as Minister: Church of Living Wisdom
  • 13 Week Sacred Feminine Temple Retreat Online MP3 Series
  • Online Priestess Resources Library (Lifetime Access!)
  • 13 x EXTRA Spiritual Success Mentoring Group Calls (Zoom)
  • Build Your 6-Figure Business (without selling your soul) Online Course

"The 13 months with Amanda (and sisters) was a magical time in my life. A time I was dealing with a lot of heart break and emotional pain. I can say that this course literally changed the course of my life for the better. I was able to heal some old wounds by diving into different archetypes every month, by being in a sacred circle - it reminded me that I CAN have a special relationship with prayer.

This program made me realize that I can have manifestations/prayers/love in all it's forms with or without a church involved. What was important was my own inner relationship to the divine. That I AM a divine being! Having that support with others to witness my prayers was intense (in a good way). Since this course, now many years later, I have found the love of my life, meaningful friendships and a profession that I love. Looking back on my journals from this time in my life, I was literally writing out and setting intentions for the life I have now. It took some work, but I am strong, and I am here.

I am not afraid to offer my gifts to the world, and embrace my inner and outer goddess. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Amanda! I am hoping to do this course again, and see what other magic unfolds."

~ Angela Fisher founder of Big Yoga Life (


This Circle Is For You If:

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You want to step fully into your purpose this year.


You are a leader in your family/community and value being of service and support to your community.


You are passionate about developing and sharing your gifts and skills with community.

Sacred Leadership Program Benefits & Results:

Certification in Sacred Leadership

Create your own 6-figure business without compromising your values and integrity.

Mastery in Ceremonial Leadership

Initiation with 13 Wisdom Goddesses

Ordained Minister with the Church of Living Wisdom

Become a Heart-Centered Leader Empowering Awakening

Deepen Your Understanding of Indigenous Ways

Learn Subconscious Success Repatterning for Yourself, Clients & Community

Manifest Like a Queen With Blissful Sacred Feminine Practices

Dial in Your Purpose & Live Prosperously

Elevate Your Money Story

Claim Your Sexual Sovereignty: Use it to Nourish Your Business & Relationships

Awaken Your Intuition & Inner Knowing

Learn Graceful Conflict Mediation & Clear Communication Skills

Master Your Relationship with Time

Safe & Sacred Container to Hold Your Transformation

Evolved Community Healing Competition, Jealousy & Hegemony

Be a Pioneer of Grounded Spirituality, Leadership & Social Change

Access & Deepen Your Relationship with Source without Dogma

Ancestral & Karmic Clearing

Co-Create Loving Community & Lifetime Connections


APPLY NOW – Spaces are limited and filling up.

This program is open to 20 Initiates ONLY. Our 13 month program ia offered online & on location in a private retreat center in Oakland, CA. Start your application and claim your complimentary interview & sign up for a 30 Minute "Live Your Purpose & Prosper" Discovery Session HERE.

Wisdom Goddess Initiations

January - April

Earth, Water, Fire & Nurturing the Seeds of Divine Creation

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Great Mother:

Entering the Sacred Womb of the Great Mother, Blood Mysteries, Womb Wisdom, Abandonment Wound Healing, Starting the Queen’s Mantle/Crown

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Goddess of Compassion:

Centering within the Heart of Compassion
, Ancestral & Karmic Clearing, Radical Forgiveness, Releasing Judgment & Projections, Clear & Clean Boundaries

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Tending the Sacred Temple of the Holy
, Reading Oracles, Channeling, Anointing, Embodied Service, Creating & Entering Sacred Space, Altar-Making, Sacred Speech

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Creator * Preserver * Destroyer:

Releasing Fear & Illusion
, Dancing with Fear as an Ally, Attuning to Natural Cycles, Navigating Chaos with Grace

May - August

Sprouts, Sprites & Sacred Communion with the Holy in Nature

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Lady of Communion:

Hearing the Songs of Nature
, Shamanic Origins, Courting the Holy as Pachamama, Harvesting Songs from Nature, Nature Oracle

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Sacred Play to Awaken the Divine Child
, Sparking Creativity, Game-Making, Awakening the Divine Fool, Faerie Wisdom, Courting the Muse

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Goddess of Love:

Awakening Your Body Temple
, Manifestation through Pleasure, Accessing the Divine through the Senses, Beauty Way Priestessing, Unconditional Love for Self & Others

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Primal Goddess:

Shedding the Skin of Inauthenticity & Awakening 
 the Primal Spirit Kundalini Activation, Accessing Anger as Healthy Power, Shedding Sexual Shame & Wounding, Dance Your Animal Soul

September – December

Singing & Dreaming in the Fruit of the Tree of Life & Death

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Wielding the Sword & Mirror of Truth
, Authentic Self-Expression, Clear Communication, Sacred & Safe Leadership, Discernment, Sovereignty & Empowerment (addressing the shadows of leadership & authority)

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Wise Woman:

Carrying the Sacred Bundle
, Cultivate Heart-Knowing, Ancestral Wisdom, Sacred Bundle Creation, Unity Consciousness & Non-Duality

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Spider Woman:

Dreaming our Mythology & Weaving the Web of Creation
, Mythical Story Telling, Sacred Spell-Casting Activation, Mysteries of Manifestation, Dreamwork

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Queen of Death:

Dancing through Transitions with Grace & Ease
, Grief & Praise, Healing from Loss, Midwifing Self & Others through Transformation


Celebrating the Harvest Feast: Becoming a Queen of Transformation

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Alchemical Goddess:

The Art & Alchemy of Spiritual Composting
, Turning Pain into Treasure, Graduation Celebration, Celebratory Feast, Receiving the Queen’s Mantle


Start your application and claim your complimentary interview & sign up for a 30 Minute "Live Your Purpose & Prosper" Discovery Session HERE.

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