You're Invited to the Journey of a Lifetime!

You know you were born with unique gifts to serve in these powerful times of transformation, but sometimes the many challenges and the darkness that are emerging are overwhelming.


You want to use your gifts to serve the spiritual awakening, but it’s taking all you’ve got just to survive.

You’re doing it all on your own and feeling unappreciated, unseen, and undervalued.

You long to stand in the power of your Infinite and Divine Nature, but old wounds and shadow keep returning and holding you back.

You crave connection with community and deeper, healthier relationships, but not sure how to find it amidst so much division and conflict.

Fear, worry, and doubt are coming in and keeping you from your Sovereignty, your Power, and living your Noble Purpose because you’re trying to do too much with too little.


It can feel overwhelming, even hopeless at times.


Sound familiar?



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How would your life be different if EVERYTHING that came your way was a sacred gift? 

Imagine feeling connected with a Source of Wisdom, Power, and Sovereignty that helped you to rise above the painful patterns and limitations from your core wounding.

What if  you actually celebrated when your shadow arose, because it no longer sabotaged or embarrassed you (and instead lead to potent growth & elevation)?

What if you had powerful wisdom, skills, and practices to keep you rising above and shining your light, even when things were at their darkest?

What if you were able to THRIVE in times of challenge and uncertainty?

  • No longer overwhelmed because you are masterful at navigating your own shadow and showing others the way.
  • No longer struggling just to survive because you are a capable leader?
  • No longer alone because you are connected with a heart-centered, inspiring sisterhood?
  • No longer unappreciated because you are living your Noble Purpose and thriving?

This is the path of the Sovereigness!

Join our Circle & Step Into Your Powerful Leadership!

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Life Changing Program for Leaders & Change Makers


Awaken & Activate Your Power & Sovereignty so you can bring Sacred back & . . .



"What makes the SOVEREIGNESS EMPOWERMENT JOURNEY different from other priestess circles, mystery schools & leadership programs?"

The Sovereigness Empowerment Journey is worlds apart from other similar programs because . . .

  • It is NOT a template, but a Living Wisdom empowerment to help you access liberation & sovereignty, so that you can lead confidently & safely
  • It bridges science & spirituality
  • It provides access to your own sovereign relationship with the Holy
  • It gives you access to "Open Source" direct learning, free from dogma
  • It prevents spiritual bypassing by helping you to integrate and masterfully work with your shadow & core wounds
  • It provides a sacred relationship with master plant medicines to accelerate your healing and personal growth
  • It includes accountability & commitment to self-responsibility as well as education around becoming a better ally
  • It includes powerful integration to make this transformation a permanent upgrade
  • It weaves in your unique lineages, wisdom, & gifts along with the power of sacred community so that you will feel seen & celebrated
  • It creates safe & sacred space for your gifts & wisdom to be a part of our experience
  • It is held masterfully by a guide who is clinically trained & initiated into multiple wisdom lineages with 30+ years of experience


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By the end of your journey, you'll be able to access your Sovereign Will so that you can Live your Noble Purpose & Lead the Ascension!


  • Guide safe & sacred transformational ceremonies
  • Build strong & empowered community so you can start your own nonprofit & open your own healing center
  • Lead others out of the darkness with your unique gifts as a "go to" Priestess, Healer or Teacher
  • Discover & Live your Noble Purpose & Prosper
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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." ~African proverb

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Your Sovereigness Empowerment Journey . . .

Journey I (Online only)

Imagine tuning in each month LIVE for a luxurious half day with womxn who are supportive, inspiring, nurturing, and genuinely holding space for you in your brilliance and your vulnerability.

You'll be a part of our Sacred Sisterhood community to be initiated with the first 6 of the 13 Sacred Feminine Sovereigness archetypes. It will rock your world, and you'll have loving and sacred witnesses to help midwife you, gently through old limitations into your powerful new life.

+ You'll also receive a BONUS Queen-Up support call mid-month to support you on your journey.


  • Empowerment 1 - Great Mother: Enter the Womb of the Divine Mother
    • Receive rituals to heal the planet, Access your Womb Wisdom, and uncover the Blood Mysteries so you can heal the mother wound and deepen your relationship with your ancestors & your inner wisdom.
  • Empowerment 2 - Queen of Compassion: Center within the Heart of Compassion
    • Receive rituals to liberate yourself from negative karmas and release yourself from regret. Receive empowerment to create safe, strong boundaries, and practice Radical Forgiveness & Cleansing with the Violet Flame.
  • Empowerment 3 - The Temple Keeper: Tend the Temple of the Divine
    • Learn how to work with oracles, facilitate ceremonies, activate your altar, and feed the Holy by living the beauty way so that you can start guiding powerful rituals.
  • Empowerment 4 - Creator*Preserver*Destroyer: Release Fear & Illusion from the Smoky Mirror
    • Learn how to recognize, work with, and heal your shadow (so it quits sabotaging your happiness & success). Receive rituals to transform fear, anger, and trauma into personal power.
  • Empowerment 5 - Queen of Communion: Hear the Songs of Nature
    • Learn the shamanic path of healing, how to court the Holy in Nature, and receive guidance and healing directly from the Elementals and animal guides so that you start to learn the ways of the shamana.
  • Empowerment 6 - Faerie Queen: Awaken the Divine Child
    • Activate and cultivate your creativity, learn how to bring more magic to your prosperity/business, relationships, and health through play. Access limitless joy.


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Journey II (Online only)

Imagine tuning in each month LIVE for a luxurious half day with womxn who are supportive, inspiring, nurturing, and genuinely holding space for you in your brilliance and your vulnerability.

You'll be a part of our Sacred Sisterhood community to be initiated with 7-12 of the Sacred Feminine Sovereigness archetypes. It will rock your world, and you'll have loving and sacred witnesses to help midwife you, gently through old limitations into your powerful new life.

+ You'll also receive a BONUS Queen-Up support call mid-month to support you on your journey.


  • Empowerment 7 - Queen of Love: Delight in the Body as a Temple
    • Master the power of Royal Ease and manifesting through pleasure and radical self-care. Open yourself to love and abundance with sensual awakening so you can manifest like a Queen.
  • Empowerment 8 - Primal Queen: Shed the Skin of Inauthenticity & Awaken Your Primal Spirit
    • Cultivate your powerful Shakti and work with Sex Magic safely and effectively. Heal sexual shame and trauma and liberate your self-expression.
  • Empowerment 9 - Queen of Initiation: Wield the Sword of Truth
    • Navigate conflict with confidence and mastery, gain courage to stand in integrity, and align with your inner truth, so you can make real change in the world.
  • Empowerment 10 - Wise Woman: Carry the Sacred Bundle
    • Cultivate heart knowing (and live without regrets), develop non-dual thinking, and release doubt from your inner process.
  • Empowerment 11 - Queen of Manifestation: Dream & Weave the Web of Creation
    • Learn the secrets of manifestation. Learn how to work with dreams, and cast spells with the activated power of your sacred words. Uncover the mysteries of ancient language and the origins of life.
  • Empowerment 12 - Queen of Death: Guide Others through Transition, Loss, and Change with Grace
    • Learn rituals to support others (and yourself) through deep grief, loss, and life transitions. Learn the secrets of life (and death), and the healing art of grief and praise.



Temple Keeper

Journey III (In Person Retreat & Online)

Completion of Journeys I & II are pre-requisites for this experience.

This is your coronation and completion for this powerful Sovereigness Empowerment Journey. Join your Sacred Sisterhood that you've been journeying with for a luxurious and inspiring 8 full days at a healing retreat (TBD)  immersed in Nature and the Elements to receive your final empowerment. You'll deepen these lifelong friendships, and ground in your potent growth so that it will nourish you for a lifetime.

We'll also have an online preparation Zoom circle as well as an integration Zoom circle to support you in making the most of this magical and transformational experience.



  • Empowerment 13 - Queen of Alchemy: The Art & Alchemy of Sovereignty, Spiritual Composting & Ascension
    • Master the art of turning shadow and challenges into wisdom, power and priceless treasure, so that EVERYTHING becomes a gift.

Our time together includes:

Delicious world class, nourishing and cleansing cuisine to uplift and restore your body.

Pleasurable practices to activate your gifts and renew your spirit.

Structured and open time to connect and deepen your relationships with our heart-centered Sacred Sisterhood to create and deepen these life-long friendships.

Spaciousness to journal, integrate, practice self-care, and rest.

Earth-based rituals to deepen your relationship to our Living Mother Earth, heal from her powerful, life-giving elements, and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

Rituals to activate your gifts and empower you with potent priestess tools.

Personal time with Amanda Elo'Esh to support you on your personal journey.

Sacred Medicine Ceremony (with Huachumita plant ally ~ingestion is optional~) to quantum leap your ascension timeline.


The first two Sovereigness Empowerment Journeys are pre-requisites for this potent 3rd Journey and final initiation. If you have not completed the previous 2 journeys, please start there first (see above). The power of this experience is not for everyone. All applicants are carefully screened before being admitted.

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Take your first step on this life-changing journey!

Sign up today for the journey of a lifetime!

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What if your greatest offering was your investment in yourself?

Each 6 month Sovereigness Empowerment Journey is a priceless, life changing experience that will bring you unimaginable happiness.

It is valued at $2997, but your Swift Action Investment is just $777 if you purchase TODAY.

Payment plans starting at just $147 are also available to make this an even easier "YES!"


Are you ready to Lead the Ascension?

Swift Action Discount - Just $777! (for a limited time only, then it's $2997)

Swift Action Discount - Just 6 pmts of $147 (for a limited time only, then it's $1127)
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We want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in the Sovereigness Empowerment Journey. You’re protected with our 100% risk-free money back guarantee. There’s literally no risk involved, because you’re held by our 30 day money back guarantee! Sign up, try it, apply it and if it's not a good fit after 30 days, we'll refund your full investment.

Meet Amanda Elo'Esh

Amanda with student


Even though I'm an "old soul," who's had access to Source Wisdom my whole life, I have gotten lost, too, in the human experience. Forgotten my power, my value, my gifts, and my noble purpose.

I know the pain of being "different." 

As a Sacred Rebel, honoring the guidance from Source and accountability to my inner knowing, I've faced many challenges that have brought me into moments of self-doubt, feeling alone, unseen, unvalued, and questioning if that powerful light inside was just an illusion leading me down a path to nowhere.

But time after time, Source has helped me to rise up from the darkness and turn every challenge into a priceless gift that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Because I know the immense joy of being deeply connected with everything that is greater than us that wishes us well, I've been passionate about learning how to help others to find their own sovereignty, their own unique relationship with Source.

I believe that when we are tuned in to Source, living our Noble Purpose, we thrive, and when we are thriving, we have the resources to be kind, loving, and we have the ability to lead others to their own Sovereignty.

The reign of domination and "power over" is crumbling. The world needs more leaders to access their sovereignty and assist others in rising up from the darkness so that we can enjoy POWER WITH.

I've created the Sovereigness Empowerment Journey to make the path full of clarity, ease, supportive community and unimaginable joy.


I can't wait to meet you on the Sovereigness Empowerment Journey!

Did I mention Fun?

We value and honor the full spectrum of this human journey. We not only embrace our shadows, we embrace our dork side, our playful side, our sexy side, our vulnerable side, our brilliant side.

All of your facets will be polished, honored, and celebrated as we journey together.

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The Sovereigness Empowerment Journey is PERFECT FOR YOU if . . .


  • You are called to leadership
  • You have the courage to explore, heal, and embrace your shadow
  • You desire connection with a safe, heart-centered, feminine community
  • You want to explore sacred plant medicines
  • You want to guide transformational ceremonies and experiences
  • You long to discover and live your Noble Purpose
  • You're ready to use a Sacred Feminine approach to manifest with Royal Ease
  • You have gifts that you want to share and make the world a better place
  • You value Sovereignty
  • You are ready to dive into the Unknown
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Here's why you need to be a part of the Sovereigness Empowerment Journey NOW . . .


We are in a time of immense change. This is an opportunity for powerful transformation and conscious evolution.

How we show up in this time of uncertainty and possibility will determine whether we rise like the Phoenix with balance, unity, and harmony with all of life, or fall into darkness, division, and despair.

Shadows are emerging to be healed and cleared. Many are lost in fear and need your valuable gifts to help them through.


You were born for this moment. Are you willing to answer the call?


By the end of your journey, you'll be able to access your Sovereign Will so that you can make Confident, Empowered Choices, Live your Noble Purpose, and Lead the Ascension!

You'll be living a life you dreamed of, but never thought possible with healthier and more meaningful relationships, thriving, changing the world for the better, and enjoying unimaginable happiness.

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What womxn usually want to know before signing up for the Sovereigness Empowerment Journey . . .

What kind of time commitment is required?

  • There are daily practices that can take a few minutes, or you may choose to dive in deep for your personal growth.
  • We have a half-day Sacred Feminine Archetype retreat together each month.
  • We have a 75-90 minute "Queen-Up" Zoom gathering in between our half-day retreat to support you on your personal journey, answer questions, and keep you connected with our Sacred Sisterhood.
  • You're likely to find more spaciousness in your life as you start to attune with the Sacred Feminine and your inner sovereignty. You'll also probably find that the time commitment is easily worth the greater sense of ease, flow, confidence and clarity that will come from being on this journey.

What if I can't make it to all of the retreats?

  • Your presence and participation are important. We expect all who are admitted to this program to commit to making this experience a high priority. We will record our 1/2 day Sacred Feminine Archetype retreats and ask that you commit to watching it within 48 hours unless otherwise arranged. No refunds or discounts are offered for missing elements of the program. If you miss more than 2 in person, and plan on completing the full program, you will be required to have a private make-up session with Amanda Elo'Esh to catch up. There will be an additional charge for this private support.

What if I change my mind?

  • We have a 30 day money back guarantee that gives you an opportunity to try it out, apply it and feel the impact it has in your life. If you decide to leave the program, your full investment will be returned. No refunds are available after 30 days from the start of the program.

What if something comes up that keeps me from participating?

  • If unusual circumstances arise that keep you from participating, we will hold a space for you in one of our upcoming journeys. Even if the price goes up, your investment at the time of your initial commitment will be honored.

What if I need extra support?

  • We know this work can bring up a lot of powerful changes and growth that may require getting extra support from Amanda or her team. Because of your participation in this program, you will have access to specially priced support and mentorship to help you move through the changes that will occur with royal ease!

What if I get overwhelmed and can't do it?

  • This journey was created to assist you in the changes you've already prayed for in your life. We are here, as a community, to make the journey more gentle, resourced, and joyful. You CAN do it. We're here for you!

Will I have to purchase extra materials? (Are there any extra costs?)

  • There are about $50 or less worth of recommended materials you may want to purchase to fully participate in this program.

What if my family & loved ones are not supporting this experience?

  • Sometimes our personal growth makes the people around us uncomfortable. We reflect possibilities that others may not be ready to consider. This is where the power of our community comes in, to help you feel supported and we can also help you to navigate issues that may arise so that you elevate your relationships and make wise decisions for yourself moving forward.

Do I have to take the journeys in order?

  • The first two Sovereigness Empowerment Journeys do NOT need to be taken in order. You do need to complete both journeys before participating in the final Sovereigness Empowerment Journey - Initiation with the Goddess of Alchemy. (Exceptions may be made for priestesses who have completed initiatory work in the Sacred Feminine Archetypes with Amanda Elo'Esh previously in different formats).
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This is your moment!

Enroll in the Sovereigness Empowerment Journey NOW!

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Here for you and your spiritual awakening,


Ready for your next step? It's free!

Get closer to your Inalienable Sovereignty, now!

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