All Gender Huachumita Ceremonies

All Gender Huachumita Ceremonies:

Visioning Circles are Sacred Medicine Ceremonies offered safely and legally through Medicine Path Native American Church and include a powerful microdose of the Sacred Plant Medicine, Huachumita. Each participant will make a prayer for their life, witnessed by the Hochoka (community of sacred witnesses), followed by a guided journey with sound to open up the mind, heart and body to the healing we have requested.

You will also be guided into delicious movement to invite your prayer and the healing Medicine deep into your body.

You will have time to journal, move and share your visions. Ceremony is completed with a Wopila Potluck Feast to give Thanks and Celebrate. These ceremonies are held at The Center for Living Wisdom in the East Oakland Hills, California. Address provided upon payment & registration.

This powerful plant medicine offers deep healing to those who come in a good way.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN INVITED BY AMANDA ELO’ESH, claim your space in a ceremony by sending your contribution now. If you have not been personally invited by Amanda Elo’Esh, please use the form below to contact Amanda for admission to ceremony and to arrange your donation.


Further information will be provided upon admission, registration and payment for ceremony.

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We are delighted and honored that you are stepping forward to explore your Sacred Vision and Sacred Medicine Ways. We will contact you soon to schedule a personal call so we can discuss your participation in our upcoming ceremonies.

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