“I feel like a failure in my life.” Here’s what to do.

This topic comes up often for my clients, and even for me.

It’s true. No matter how much money you make, or how many loving relationships, or how much success a person has, there are still little mental gremlins that try to convince us that we’re not worthy, that we’re failures in some way (or in every way).

In this week’s video, I share a little about this experience in my own life and what I do (and what you can do) to move through the negative self-talk that can sometimes lead to downward spirals that are hard to come back from.

If you know someone (or even think you might know someone) who suffers from “Wonder Woman” Syndrome (that “gotta be perfect all the time” disease), please share it with them. Comment and let me know if this was helpful, what more you could use support with and anything else that inspires you.

Your light is unique and needed in the world. Don’t let the downs that are a part of every story and every journey make you think you can’t do it. You can. I believe in you.