Reclaim Your Body

Hey SuperSTAR! How many times have you felt like you needed to alter the way you dress so that you would be treated better? Whether it was making yourself look sexier or hiding your sexy self so you wouldn’t get harassed, most of us goddesses have felt like we had to manipulate our authentic self-expression…

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Be-Loved from the Inside Out

Hey SuperSTAR! Whether you are on the quest for your Beloved or are in a relationship that isn’t fully rocking your world, this weekly Goddess Diary inspiration is for you! There are all sorts of methods for “calling in the One,” and what I have to share will be helpful, AND it may also be…

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Awaken Your SuperPowers

Girl SuperHeroes

Hey, SuperSTAR! Have you ever played that game: “Which Superpower would you choose? Flight or Invisibility?” There’s a whole debate about the personalities that choose one or the other. I have a BIGGER game for you to play. What SuperPowers would you choose for yourself if you were given the option? As many as you…

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