Awaken Your SuperPowers

Hey, SuperSTAR!
Have you ever played that game: “Which Superpower would you choose? Flight or Invisibility?” There’s a whole debate about the personalities that choose one or the other. I have a BIGGER game for you to play. What SuperPowers would you choose for yourself if you were given the option? As many as you like, and anything you like, without limits.
I had a dream, a LONG time ago, about my SuperPowers, and as I have been looking at this past year; the many losses, potent healing, transformational insights and awakenings, I’ve realized that I’m actually starting to really live the SuperPowers I dreamed of all those years ago, and it inspired me to invite you to ask for a vision for YOUR superpowers. Everything we make real in our lives starts with seeing it first, so I invite you to celebrate this new year by visioning what your SuperPowers are.

As I have remembered and chosen to focus on making my SuperPower dream a reality, I have found more and more support from the Universe. More and more experiences that could easily demolish my heart are now opportunities for me to become stronger, more stretched open with a greater capacity for love, and much, much wiser. And I don’t need to know how it all happens. My only focus is on my prayer, to be a magnification of love, light, beauty and grace in the world. If that’s not happening, I am reminded that I can make a choice to get closer to being in that prayer.

That’s what I’m doing this year, instead of the old worn out resolution. I’m awakening my superpowers. Who’s with me?

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear what YOUR SuperPowers are! Please leave your visions in the comments section here.

And, if you would like a sacred space and sacred witnesses to support you in remembering and awakening more of your SuperPowers and emerge as a Goddess, a Priestess, a SuperSTAR, consider joining us for the Living Wisdom School. We start February 9th and have 3 spots left. If you’ve been longing to discover and cultivate your hidden superPowers, claim your spot now!

Love is my weapon. One I will use with reckless abandon!

Until next week, may you awaken your SuperPowers AND may the SOURCE be with you!



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