Owl's message: Look into the Dark to See the Light

Sweater Tree in Precita Park, SF

Hey SuperSTAR! I just got back from a nature walk, where I came upon an Owl who had a message for you. He reminded me to share with you that all grief holds within it, the ecstatic joy of something we’ve lost. Breathe and look into the darkness with gentleness and quiet, and you will…

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Doing the Hokey Pokey with Grief – Turning Harm into Harmony

I am so excited to be posting my VERY FIRST VIDEO BLOG EVER! Yeah! I wasn’t expecting to dive in quite yet. This new website (which I’m annoyingly excited about) has just a few little bits and bobs I’m attending to so that it’s super fun and inspiring to engage with. But I couldn’t help myself. This…

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