Your Feelings Are Valid

Your feelings are a real and valid gauge that tells you what’s going on in your system. You can rely on them to give you honest feedback about your internal systems and responses to external stimuli.


What you TELL yourself about your feelings . . . that’s another story. What you tell yourself about other people who catalyze certain feelings . . . that, too, is another story. And I do mean story.


We have old conditioning and programs that are wrapped around emotional responses. We have old stories that are tied to old traumas that we try to forecast so we can avoid them in the future, but those programs and forecasts end up being the exact thing that perpetuates them.


If you can unwrap the the stories, what’s underneath is really helpful energy that tells you when you’re overwhelmed, when you need to speak up, when you need a break, when you need a hug . . . 


Clean and clear requests that others can take in and respond to positively come from being able to peel back the stories and really listen to what’s underneath. Usually it’s something vulnerable that would rather defend, get angry, blame, attack, or blanket itself in a victim story.


Your feelings are real. Your stories when you are having hard feelings are programs that keep you from knowing what you need and keep you from making those clean, clear and effective requests.


If you can release judging yourself and others, blaming yourself and others and simply get curious about what you’re feeling, give yourself permission to fully feel those feelings, and ask yourself what you need to take care of your feelings, then follow through, you’ll find that your feelings are a really helpful ally that can support having better self-care, better, boundaries, and stronger relationships.


If you would like support in accessing your feelings, stop blaming other people for your feelings, and learn how to use your feelings to do deep, empowering healing, let's talk!

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