The Cost of Not Getting Help

In 2005 I got really sick and spent about 9 months and a few thousand dollars trying to deal with it myself.
I didn't have health insurance and I was afraid of paying out of pocket.
I did all sorts of cleanses and elimination diets, deep candida flush . . .
I was exhausted, irritable, and miserable.
Finally, a friend offered to pay for me to go to a doctor. I saw Dr. Morgan Camp, an integrative medicine doctor. He ran some tests and put me on a few very simple (non pharmaceutical) supplements and a healthy diet, and within a week I felt better than I had in a year.
I thought of all the time and money I wasted dealing with the problem myself when I could have just gotten help to begin with.
The total bill? A whopping $700 with all of the tests and supplements. The costs to me were far more than 10x that.
I learned my lesson. Instead of struggling with something I don't know how to remedy, invest in the help from someone who knows what they're doing.
I often hear "I want to work with you. I just can't afford it right now." And I think of all the time and other direct and indirect expenses that people put their money into that won't get them where they want to be.
Here's just a little average run down of what we spend in the US to deal with our problems . . .
$7000 per year on therapy (which is proven to be about as effective as a placebo)
$5000 per year on retail therapy
$2000 health remedies
$2800 self-indulgences to avoid pain (like alcohol, comfort foods, and distractions from feeling your feelings)
$15,000 divorce/break-up
My average client works with me for 3 months, experiences major breakthroughs they never thought possible, learn how to continue to heal and grow on their own after our work is complete, and spends less than $4k.
So, take a moment to really think about what costs you're incurring by putting off getting help to heal at the core.
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