Your Trauma is Exhausting

If you are dealing with trauma, you know it kind of goes without saying that it gets exhausting, but are you aware of how much energy your system is putting into holding the flood of emotions back, pushing down the memories, defending against future attacks and plastering a happy "got my shit together" front to get through each day?

The impact of trauma (the chronic trauma from being a human, especially a woman in the 21st century, or the many other ways it shows up from childhood and adulthood) really hit me this past Saturday as we started to do the breath, movement, and energy practices for the Open Source Voice Activation mini-retreat.

The women started out saying they were inspired to come because they felt like their voice was shut down in some way and they wanted to wake it back up. What unfolded was not what I expected.

I'd imagined us doing some deep clearing, energy release, and then getting really active with our bodies and voices, but what happened was shocking, but then, as I really tuned in, realized it wasn't surprising at all.

As we got deep down into the self-expression blocks, each of the women, having the invitation to honor their inner wisdom, laid down and went into deep rest.

What was uncovered collectively was that all of the defenses and hyper-vigilance and effort to appear "okay" on top of old unresolved trauma needed a rest.

This is not the first time that coming into our safe and sacred space led to an unexpected, but much needed rest.

I've facilitated several private ceremonies where my client just went into a deep sleep that allowed her to really release some things that hadn't ever felt safe enough to let go of. I sat by her side, wrapping her in healing energy, my presence, and real blankets as she renewed in ways she never had before.

"They're exhausted!" is what Source whispered to me. So, instead of moving forward trying to wake everything up I listened and honored what was needed. A moment in the sacred feminine container to let the walls come down, the appearances to fade, and a deep renewing pause happened as I dropped into an impromptu sound healing.

So many old griefs, untold stories, unfelt sorrows and angers were able to flow out with tears and uncensored words that finally had a place to be heard, honored, released, and composted.

Trying to live life while also carrying around trauma is not just exhausting, it is not sustainable. 

Give yourself permission to be held and to let what has been hidden to be revealed. Of course, when and where is important.

Sometimes expecting someone else to hold space can pass the trauma and heaviness on. It takes a very special presence to be able to assist the release and elevation of the heavy and toxic energies so many of us are carting around, often unconsciously.

Our Open Source Voice Activation Mini-Retreats, apparently, are a beautiful place to let yourself be vulnerable, authentic, without pressure to say or do or be anything other than what is real in the moment.

We also find very similar responses in our sacred plant medicine ceremonies.

Sometimes before we can fly and belt out our songs, we have to find deep stillness, a moment to come to rest, a space to really unburden ourselves, and then discover what can occupy the spaciousness within us when we are not filled up with trauma, stress, and anxiety.

You are warmly invited to explore the different safe and sacred spaces we create to help you get exactly what you need so you can be free of the toxic trauma, and wake up to what light and gifts are inside of you that have been drowned out by the pain.

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Whatever it is you do, give yourself the gift of really being able to be held so that your nervous system and all that is stuck in fight/flight mode can take a much needed break.

Your life is sacred and your well-being is worthy.