Sexual Bliss 101

overflowing Deboarah Koff-Chapin.

Hey SuperSTAR! So, what the heck IS Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping, anyway? I’ve been spending the past 15 years trying to really crystallize it into a format that I can share with others, but here’s the most basic nugget of wisdom I can share . . . It’s about tuning into the Zen-like flow…

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Love Magic

Self Love image

Hey SuperSTAR! Are you in the market for more love? Single and hoping to find “the one?” Or maybe you have a relationship, but the love that once flowed freely is a little trickle that could use a booster? Yes? Then this week’s Goddess Diary is for YOU! Any journey one takes starts with the…

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Trade in the F Bomb for a Love Bomb

Love message from the mouth

Do you drop the F bomb like a hot potato? Would you like to put even MORE POWER into your words? I have a little download this week about shifting your mood (and the mood of everyone around you) by making one simple shift in your language. It’s directly from the expressive mouth of the…

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Gift of Love for YOU

Heart Lights

Happy Day of Celebrating LOVE! I know it’s a holiday made up by Hallmark, but we are grown-ups and we can make it into anything we want, and a whole day (though just a little nibble) of celebrating love, expressing love, and wallowing in love seems ever so worthwhile! Instead of a video, today I…

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