Trade in the F Bomb for a Love Bomb

Do you drop the F bomb like a hot potato? Would you like to put even MORE POWER into your words?

I have a little download this week about shifting your mood (and the mood of everyone around you) by making one simple shift in your language. It’s directly from the expressive mouth of the Muse as she starts to transition toward the Goddess of Love.

I’m a little under the weather and to be kind and gentle with myself, I’m going to skip the video blog this time. Thanks for understanding!

So, that old stand-by, the F Bomb. It can come in handy when you’re trying to get someone’s attention, drive a point home, or really emphasize and express the immensity of what you’re feeling, especially when directing it towards a stranger or, even worse, someone you know and are upset at.

It may not seem like that big of a deal. It’s just a word, right? Well, if that is the case, then the Muse has a fun little challenge for you. For the next week, start replacing all swear words, especially the F Bomb with the word LOVE. As you do, watch what happens in your mind, your heart and with those around you.

Banksy love bomb

If it makes no difference, then you can send me a message about your experience and I’ll send you a special gift. If you try it out and you see the kind of shifts that I experience, let me know and I’ll send you something even more special. What do you have to lose? (Except for the potty mouth, that is).

Here are some examples of what the new way of self-expression might sound like:
“Ah Love! That is so Loved up!”
“Love you, you Mother Lover!”
“Go Love yourself!”

It’s silly, I know. It IS from the Muse after all, so what do you expect? Still wondering how and why this is helpful?

The F Bomb, no matter how lightly it is used, comes from an origin of expressing aggression and violation. Love connotes something much different. You can still have the same feelings, but when expressing them through the filter of light-heartedness and love, it can help you get the kaka out and at the same time, bring a little double take from those around you. It will, no doubt, drive your point home and will grab attention (probably even more effective than the F Bomb) AND instead of littering the atmosphere with something aggressive, you are launching a little silliness and love into the world. It may sound fluffy, but it takes a lot more moxie to take this Muse challenge than to drop the F Bomb every time you get worked up.

As I have been thinking about this week’s message, I’ve wondered what would happen if all nations who were fighting just starting launching care packages filled with good food, chocolate, warm blankets and love letters at their enemies. Shock, and confusion, but probably not more of the same retaliation and endless violence. Aggression begets aggression. Violence usually spawns more violence. The only way to stop it is to make a choice to use all of that energy built up inside and do something good with it. We can all start with the baby steps of our language and see where it gets us. In the grand scheme of things, our words are potent initiators of what we create in the world. And the world could use a LOT MORE LOVE, don’t you think?

I’ve talked about love bombs before, and I’m inviting you to send more of them out there in the form of loving language. You don’t have to change your feelings. Go ahead and be mad. Just try using different language to express it. You’ll find that the simple replacement of Love for any swear word will help you get the negativity out of your system more quickly and help you focus on what really matters. Your well-being and the well-being of your fellow human relations.

I have been doing it more and more and find that, even though I am all worked up for a minute about that love-hole who cut me off on the freeway, I quickly get a smile on my face and remember that maybe that mother lover is just distracted or having a bad day and I can let it slide. Sometimes I even open my heart and send him some actual love. What a crazy concept, huh?

So, go ahead. Take the Muse’s F Bomb challenge and trade in the potty mouth for a love mouth this week and see what your lovin’ lips can launch out there. If you really want to go the full lovin’ nine yards, try visualizing the Love Bomb you send with your words spreading loving messages and energy all over the place like a mushroom cloud of sweet lovin’ that spreads far and wide.

In a time when many of us are feeling full of upset and hopelessness about the violence and war that’s raging across the planet, this is one simple yet powerful way to add more love to the world, which is exactly what we all need more of, no matter how good we have it.

Oh, and if you’re interested in getting MORE LOVE INTO YOUR LIFE, join me on August 10th in Oakland for a journey into Sexual Bliss through Good Housekeeping. No it’s not doing laundry in your lingerie. It’s about feeling amazing inside and out through some fun and simple self-love practices that’ll squeeze love into every possible place you can imagine. It’s PG and sure to bring more bliss to your body, mind, spirit, relationships and, yes, maybe even your house cleaning.


May more LOVE and the Source be with you!

x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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