Confessions from the Dork Side

Hey SuperSTAR!

Are you a reformed dork like me (I’ve actually reclaimed my inner dork)? You know who you are. You used to make sure you sat at the front of class so you didn’t miss anything and your Trapper Keeper was full of notes you took in class because you actually wanted to remember and understand what the teacher was saying. Maybe, too, like me, you were also horrified of being made fun of, and yet it happened loads because, well, you were a dork!

Fortunately, I found a really effective and maybe surprising way to be impervious to the laughter of others and honor my authenticity, even if it meant letting my dork-side out.

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So, ironically, purposefully creating opportunities for people to laugh at us can be the very most powerful liberator from the fear of being mocked. It certainly worked for me.

I love to make fun of myself. Not in a way that makes me feel small in front of others, but in a way that lets me and others know that I don’t take myself seriously. Sometimes it isn’t received well. I actually had a friend tell me she didn’t want to see me dork out because she had such a lovely image of me as a “priestess.” I am certain that, for me, a part of being a true priestess is honoring all parts of myself and celebrating them. My inner dork is NOT going to be shoved in a closet. I let her out every chance I get and other than disappointing people who have very rigid projections of me, it causes delight and joy for myself and those around me.

Just this past week as we dove into The Muse in the Living Wisdom School, we got dressed up in silly outfits and got crazy noise-makers and went out on a trail by my house. We sang goofy songs and cheered people as they passed. It brought a smile to everyone’s face. One guy, who was running, we sang the tune to “Rocky,” and he was so delighted, he stopped to thank us. It made his day . . . ours too.

Letting go of the mundane and really letting go of over-serious perceptions we hold about ourselves can be one of the biggest cures to stress and the boredom of the mundane.

Go ahead and give it a shot. Go to the store with a long train of toilet paper coming out of your pants. Make a fool of yourself on purpose for the surprising delight of strangers. See what it does to your heart. You too may realize that celebrating your dork-side isn’t so awful after all.

Enjoy your dance over to the dork-side and until next week, may the Source be with you!

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