Goddess Mash-Up

Hey SuperSTAR!

Are you like me? Someone who LOVES hearing old songs mixed in with new ones? Or really awesome remixes of old classics? How about when you taste a classic recipe with a new twist? It’s so great, right? Something that strikes a familiar cord and yet invites in something fresh and new. How about if we tried it with the Divine Feminine? Sacrilege you say? MAYBE, but only in the BEST possible ways!


As I’ve been offering my channeled journeys with the 13 Goddesses of the Living Wisdom School on a weekly basis through my WISE phone calls, AND holding Sacred Circles each month with each of these archetypes in the Living Wisdom School AS WELL AS tuning in to the Goddess frequencies on my monthly Human Spirit Radio Show, I’ve noticed that I am going through large and small cycles with these Goddesses.

Someone asked me recently if I found it difficult to be working with so many different archetypes in different rhythms and timing, and as I tuned into the answer to that question, I realized I LOVE IT! And I could see how it is a little like the sacred frequencies that cycle through the Aztec, Mayan and Egyptian calendars. It’s not just a linear movement through time, but a spiraling in and out and cycling through different phases, like the moon, like the planets, like the whole movement of the Universe. They flow and overlap each other in really amazing ways that are helpful, refreshing and they have helped me to expand my perspectives on how the Holy can show up in my life.

Because I had a new conscious appreciation of it, I got inspired to start sharing these Goddess Hybrids WITH YOU!

Today’s hybrid is The Muse (which I am focusing on this weekend in 2 forums: The first is in the Living Wisdom School and the second is Unicorn Guides & Faerie Tea Oracles) and The Creator Preserver Destroyer (which I’ll be channeling today for WISE). Seems crazy, right? How are The Muse and the Goddess Kali related?

At first it might not seem like Kali and The Muse have much in common, but as they overlap in my life, I can see how much they have do share, how they can help each other out, and how I can embody both of them together to make a really unique and potent boost to my creativity and my vulnerability. I can let go of that which is passing away with lightness in my heart to make room for more play and new growth.

To connect more with the surprisingly potent archetype of The Muse, consider joining me THIS SUNDAY for a magic carpet ride into the Land of Unicorns & Faeries. CLICK HERE for all the magical details.
And if these hybrids intrigue you, feel free to connect with me on my multi-layered carpet rides with the Divine Feminine:
WEEKLY: WISE 60 minute calls
MONTHLY: Living Wisdom School (starting up again October 2014) & Human Spirit Radio
and see how they work for you.

Until next week, may Magical Hybrids & the Source be with you!

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