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Hey SuperSTAR!

Do you often find yourself disappointed in people and experiences? This week’s Goddess Diary entry will help you to drop the disappointment and step into the magic.


Most of us take great comfort in being able to predict outcomes. It’s some sort of gauge of our sanity, our capability to navigate a world of ups and downs, but predictions lead to expectations, and expectations create a standard that keeps us from appreciating what IS there, it kills the Magic (the Holies are NOT INTERESTED in meeting our expectations, nor do they want their immense offerings to be compared to our limited human ideas of what should be), and it keeps us stuck in a predictable progression that allows for very little variety. BORING!

How fun is it to plan a surprise for someone and, before they can even receive your gift, they guess exactly what it is? Not fun. It’s not really very different with our guides and allies.

It’s also really difficult to be grateful if we’ve already set in place something we expect to have or happen, and gratitude is one of the greatest foods for the Holy. Do you see a pattern here?

I used to be REALLY GOOD at extrapolating. It was even at a semi-psychic state. I could look at what was happening and then project those patterns into the future and be able to, most often, predict an outcome. But I am also pretty certain that fixing my mind and my vision on a set outcome created blocks that kept the magic from flowing in. Fortunately, I eventually learned that it is MUCH MORE BENEFICIAL TO BE SURROUNDED BY MAGIC THAN TO BE ABLE TO PREDICT THE FUTURE.

I have let go, for the most part, of trying to predict, project or anticipate the future. Instead, I focus on staying centered, present and aware of what’s happening in the moment, and that allows for the magic to show up AND it helps me to SEE IT and ENGAGE WITH IT.

Whether it’s in your own personal relationship with the Divine, your intimate relationships, work or other, try letting go of your expectations for a day or even a week and see what happens. I bet you’ll find that you’ve opened the door to the Magic, and it flows in with abundance.

Until next week, may Magic & the Source be with you!

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