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“Have you ever felt like you might be the reincarnation of Joseph Smith?”

A few years ago, a friend messaged me on Facebook asking me if I felt any special connection with Joseph Smith (the first prophet of the Mormon church). I replied “Well, other than the fact that I was born and raised Mormon, no not really. Why?!”

She responded: “Have you ever felt like you might be the reincarnation of Joseph Smith?”

Me: “Uh, emphatically, no.”

But as I have thought about it, and learned more about the hidden origins of Joseph Smith as a “prophet,” and founding the Mormon church, I DO feel like I am definitely here to clean up some serious bad karma on behalf of my LDS lineage.

{The following has proven to be true through state, county, and city records and published in multiple publications, but I got the download from a fascinating book called “The Psychedelic History of Mormonism, Magic, & Drugs.”}

Here are some interesting parallels and mirrors between me and Joseph: 

Joseph Smith founded a church and so did I.

Joseph Smith allegedly founded this church because he didn’t find what he was looking for when it came to the word of God (though if you look at the arc of his life from salesman to conman to convict on the verge of being jailed and banned, it appears more that he claimed to be a prophet so he could claim religious practices as a way to “get out of jail free”).

I founded a church, in part, because I also felt there was something missing in the world: a dogma-free community that came together do to accomplish good and learn, heal, grow, and pray together without requiring the conformity of specific practices, belief systems, political leanings, diets, or clothing.

Joseph Smith used local plants to make psychedelic wine that he served to his members, pretending his personal power and relationship with God was the portal to these experiences.

I make sacred medicine (sometimes referred to as “psychedelic,” though I prefer more respectful terms like Entheogens) from sometimes local, but at least sustainable and environmentally kind sources, and provide comprehensive information about the medicine, how to prepare, how to work with it in a safe and sacred way, and am completely transparent about all of the elements that are a part of our ceremonies.

Joseph Smith used manipulation and hypocritical, high demands of his members to maintain his power (again, all of this is fairly easily found in local records if you’re interested in actually seeking it out) and pay his debts.

I walked myself through all of the practices and experiences I provide for our community members for years and did deep inner work (and continue to do deep inner work) before ever serving medicine to anyone. I’ve gone into debt at times to keep our doors open and provide services to our community. I believe that when people feel safe to be themselves, authentically, and can listen to Source/God (whatever name an individual has for that which is greater than them that wishes them well), we all benefit, even if we don’t agree.

I genuinely believe, now, that I do have a special connection with Joseph Smith.

Not necessarily as his reincarnation, but, again, as someone who agreed to be of service and help to clean up some of the immense bad karma created from the horrible lies, manipulation, coercion, and other atrocities committed by Joseph Smith and his henchmen.

It broke my heart to learn about all of the terrible things that were done, specifically by Mormons, in the name of God, but really for the sake of money and power.

I would guess this is why an unusual amount of people who have been traumatized by religion, cults, high demand / high control groups are attracted to our ceremonies. We provide a sense of safety and belonging as well as a sense of personal freedom and acceptance.

So, Living Wisdom is the Non-Prophet nonprofit, the non-cult of Inalienable Sovereignty, and TODAY IS LIVING WISDOM’S BIRTHDAY! We are 6 years old!

We survived (just barely) the pandemic, and continue to grow our community despite the many plot twists and turns of life.

We are attracting really amazing folks from all walks of life, from a 10 year old boy who comes and cry and release his fears and anger at our Cacao + Sonic Medicine ceremonies, to military veteran of color who report to have healed his PTSD in a single medicine ceremony.

If you would like to be a part of something very special that is here to serve as a safe and sacred space for diverse community to learn, heal, and grow together (sometimes with Entheogens, but ALWAYS with consent), we have a gift for you.

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We have loads of free offerings and try to provide something for everyone, even those not interested or able to heal with Entheogens.

We hope to pray with you soon, and until we connect . . . Happy birthday to us, and May the Source Be with You!