Owl's message: Look into the Dark to See the Light

Hey SuperSTAR!
I just got back from a nature walk, where I came upon an Owl who had a message for you.

He reminded me to share with you that all grief holds within it, the ecstatic joy of something we’ve lost. Breathe and look into the darkness with gentleness and quiet, and you will find what was lost, and your grief will turn to gratitude, and your pain will become beauty, and then you can feed the Holy that is your life and the Holy that feeds your life in turn.

While this new year has already rocked my world in some almost overwhelmingly joyful ways, it has also carried with it the grief over the death of someone very precious to me. I know that the owl was here as a messenger to help me deepen into the grief and have the full experience; we can’t grieve over something we’ve never known or had, so each grief has, at its core, the connection to what it is we’ve lost.

We can either choose to get stuck in the grief and feel sorry for ourselves, or we can let the grief lead us into gratitude and deeper connection to the person/circumstances/thing we have lost. Owl’s message was clear. It is from this place that our pain can become beauty; something that transforms the death into new life.


Being able to live this way makes the relatively smaller upsets seem insignificant. The other day, my car window was broken. Nothing was taken. It required missing a day of work and the cost for the repair, but none of that brought me down. I didn’t feel attacked. I didn’t feel angry. I didn’t even feel put out. Instead of being upset, I allowed myself to simply breathe into the reality of what is, and what ended up happening was really joyful. My friend helped me find a great place to get the repair done. We packed up a picnic and went to a park and played while waiting for my window replacement. We found trees with sweaters on them, which we hugged, and a psychedelic spaceship looking merry-go-round and some swings that brought me back to ecstatic childhood delight. We basked in the sun, ate good food and played like kids. It nourished my spirit in ways I probably wouldn’t have planned for myself, but the Holy came knocking (almost literally) on my window and invited me to take a break from my routine. I did, and the magic poured on in.


Next time you get a wrinkle in your plans, I invite you to see if you can remember to welcome the shift. Even if there’s loss. Even if it is great loss. I invite you to welcome the experience as a friend, not an enemy, and see what gifts are being offered inside of the grief and loss. It’s a practice that has only fed and blessed me, and I suspect it can do the same for you.

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Until next week, may the SOURCE be with you!

xo & <3 amanda_signature


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