Forget New Years Resolutions

The New Year is a great time to let go of the old and call in the new. Traditionally, we’ve done that through resolutions: weight loss, better time management . . . I’m going to suggest something revolutionary. Forget the resolutions this year!

Resolutions are plans for the future based on what we are unsatisfied with in the moment. There’s a funny parallax of time that sets us up for failure. Instead, I have a suggestion for LIVING your intentions for your life RIGHT NOW.

Making plans for the future when we are unsatisfied with our lives is a set-up that feeds into what we don’t want, and we don’t need to keep falling for that old game.

Instead, I invite you to look at where you are RIGHT NOW. Take a moment to HONOR HOW FAR YOU’VE COME since last year.

Feel into the many different aspects of your life: health, personal relationships, career path . . . and ask yourself what is your prayer for each of these parts of yourself.

Then, instead of holding yourself to something way down the road, you can ask yourself daily, hourly, or as each opportunity to make a choice arises: “How can I live in my prayer for my life RIGHT NOW?” Meaning, what decisions can I make in this moment now that support my prayer for myself?

Prayers are much more powerful, I find, than resolutions. Resolutions seem to be based on intentions to control or manipulate old behaviors we want to change. Prayers are a collaboration with the Universe and all Elements and Powers that be to co-create a new reality for ourselves. We are automatically recognizing we don’t have control over the future, but we do have a choice in every moment to move towards something that serves our intentions or not. Also, going from moment to moment allows for a momentary distraction without total derailment of all that we do to make a good life for ourselves.

My prayer for this year to come is to allow myself to be the best magnification of the Love, Light, Beauty and Grace of my Creator I can without ever making anyone else feel small or “less than.” My prayer is that the love I shine out into the world only ever inspire and invite others to step into their full SuperSTAR Light. Already, I have found that the Universe and all the Elements around me are more than happy to conspire to help that happen.

Every moment is an opportunity to move more deeply into that prayer, and to re-align and re-define that prayer and my movement within it as I go. My big confession is that I’m a human. I am imperfect. I make mistakes, and every moment gives me a new opportunity to make a better choice for myself than the moment before. It’s just that easy. May it help you, this year, to be gentle and kind. To let go of the illusion of control over the future so that you can be fully present and empowered in THIS MOMENT NOW to do the best with it you can.

Until next week, may the SOURCE be with you!

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