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Whether you are on the quest for your Beloved or are in a relationship that isn’t fully rocking your world, this weekly Goddess Diary inspiration is for you! There are all sorts of methods for “calling in the One,” and what I have to share will be helpful, AND it may also be a surprise.

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I have witnessed all sorts of great techniques for magnetizing that man or woman who we’ve been waiting for. That person who will help us to grow and can meet us in the ways that are most important. They are MOSTLY all really great techniques, BUT, if you are not cultivating the qualities you are asking your beloved to embody, then even if he or she does show up on your doorstep, imbalance will work its way in, as well as co-dependency, and what may have potential for being a long-term healthy and supportive partnership can quickly fall apart.

We are so often drawn to people who hold qualities we wish we had, but if we don’t spark that growth within ourselves, then we can become overly dependent on those qualities outside of ourselves (then we don’t honor them and we treat them like an addiction: with entitlement and a lack of gratitude and respect), or we can end up resenting those qualities (being intimidated by them).

Why not START OUT by drawing in that special someone (or re-igniting that old flame) by working at embodying the qualities we wish to see in a partner? It creates a sense of abundance, rather than neediness. Most people are drawn to the expression of strength rather than deficit, and those who are drawn to deficits are usually looking for “fixer upper projects” that distract them from doing their own work, prevent empowerment, and quickly lead to co-dependent and disabling relationships.

Here’s a simple yet potent ceremony you can do with yourself to create a Sacred Marriage between the Masculine and Feminine Elements you hold within you.

1. Sit in silence and vision the qualities you want to enjoy in a partner. Write them down, make a collage, and let yourself experience, as deeply and fully as possible, what it is you are calling in.
2. Pick the top one or two qualities and ask yourself how you can start to cultivate these qualities within you.
3. Imagine YOURSELF as if you are the “One” you are calling in. If you are seeking a masculine presence, see yourself showing up in the ways you want someone else to do it. Where do you need to grow and where do you meet your expectations? It will be easier to RECOGNIZE & APPRECIATE these qualities in others if we are currently working on cultivating them within us. Recognition and appreciation are potent elements of healthy relationships.
4. Make a Sacred Marriage vow between your masculine self and your feminine self. What does each side want to offer? What does each side want to work on?
5. Go to a Sacred place in Nature. Either let the Elements and Nature Beings witness you, or you can add to the ceremony by inviting human friends who will witness you and support you in this agreement.
6. Speak your vows.
7. HONOR THEM & review them frequently. Update them. Be honest about where you are meeting those agreements and where you are not meeting those agreements.

Every time you find yourself pining for someone or something outside of yourself, ask what internal ways you can respond to your needs first. The more you take full ownership of fulfilling your needs, the more balanced, healthy and empowering your relationships will be. All of them, but especially partnerships.

If you are in a partnership already, invite your beloved to take part in this experience with you. If he/she is not up for that, at least have a discussion that you are doing this, and that it is likely to create shifts in the relationship. Shifts you intend to be beneficial. As the co-dependent ties start to break, it may feel unstable and may bring up insecurities. If you can continue to build a healthy and balanced internal relationship, then the external elements will shift with grace and ease. Unhealthy structures will fall away. Staying in communication with your partner about what is happening is important.

If you are truly dedicated to your own sovereignty and empowerment, this process will lead you to the deepest and most healthy relationship you can imagine. It will be centered in your connection with your Highest Power, so wobbles with your partner won’t seem so earth-shattering.

The term for Sacred Marriage (meaning the commitment to a healthy and balanced relationship with your SELF) is Hieros Gamos. It comes from the Greek language and is the marriage of the God & Goddess within.

If you want to surround yourself with this powerful balanced, healthy energy, go into Nature on a regular basis. Let the plants, animals, directions and elements teach you directly the potent healing and life-giving nature of balance within.

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Until our paths cross again, may the Hieros Gamos and the Source be with YOU!
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