Sexual Sovereignty

What were the values and ideas about sexuality that were practiced in your home? For me, it was one simple phrase that covered sex, drugs & rock-n-roll: “Just say ‘NO!'” And I did . . . for a while. But when I finally decided to step outside the lines of expectation, there was a whole world of possibility and I had no clue how to navigate it.

It’s taken me an embarrassingly long time to finally step into my sexual sovereignty and I thought I would share my personal experience so that anyone else out there wading through the same sea of possibility without any sense of framework or anchor can benefit from my bumps, bruises and complete capsizes.

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Our sexual energy is the origin point of our life force. How we share it, express it, satisfy it, build it, release it . . . has a HUGE impact on everything else.

Take a moment to sit down and look at the different messages about sexuality you’ve been taught: From your family, From your culture, From your peers, From your community, From the media you expose yourself to, From your partner(s), From YOURSELF. Now, take a moment to ask yourself (listening to the BODY if you can is BEST): “What sexual practice serves my highest good?”

I have healed myself from food poisoning that gave me a fever and full body aches by having sex when my body told me to.

I have cultivated energy that has put me into mystical states of connection with Source by practicing celibacy and solo Tantra. I have transcended the physical body in Sacred Tantric practices with a partner. I have experienced immensely sexual intimacy on the energetic and spiritual plane without coming into physical contact with my partner.

I am NOT suggesting any sort of rules. I am STRONGLY suggesting you take an inventory of your sexuality and make decisions based on what serves you. Regardless of expectations from anyone or anything outside your own personal connection with Divine Wisdom.

Give yourself a month to really honor this practice and notice how your health, your business/job, your emotional state and your relationships are impacted by this. For me, it’s been overwhelmingly positive to tend to keep my sexual energy circulating within my own system.

If you are interested in practicing Sexual Sovereignty, but not sure exactly how to step into it, I am offering a VERY SPECIAL and VERY LIMITED package for men & women. First 3 people to respond to this email with “Sexual Sovereignty” at the top of their message will win my 9 session package at half the cost. (This offer is for NEW clients, thanks!)

Tell me how the experiment goes!

Until next week, may Sexual Sovereignty & the Source be with YOU!
x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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