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Have you ever had a big question or something that was weighing heavy on your heart and you knew you needed help, but you just weren’t sure where to turn for answers and relief?

I certainly have. In fact, recently my heart was heavy and even though I have several really close friends I usually share with, they were away all at the same time. Thank goodness I have some Super Power Tools that help me get through heavy times when it seems like there’s no place to turn for support.

Get this week’s Goddess Diary inspiration for getting healing and answers when your support network is off-line.

Over time, the help feels more potent and you get more of a sense of actual friendship from those rooted ones, four-leggeds, flying ones . . . but even if you’re new to communing with nature, it’s likely you’ll feel instant release of stress and a deepening of peace and vitality.

You don’t need to be an empath to tune in to the healing of nature. It will help you out no matter what sort of perceptions you have. Many reliable scientific studies have shown that simple physical contact with the earth, trees, plants (except for the ones that don’t want to be touched like stinging nettles and poison oak) causes significant shifts in the mind, emotions and even physical health.

Any time there is a heaviness I can’t shake, or my mind wants to go off and worry about things I can’t control, I go out and get in nature. Even if it is just laying on some grass for a few minutes, or even just sitting in the sun. Taking some deep breaths while out in nature will bring in air your whole being will delight in.

If you’re really up for stepping across the lines into the tree-hugging realms, you could make friends with a tree and visit often. I had an Oak tree friend that had a feminine side with an opening that even produced red sap, and a masculine side with a perfect bend and moss that I could lean right into. The smell and feel of the moss against my face felt like being held by a big grandfather. I could lean my heart up against him and pour out my troubles and I never felt judged. In fact, I almost felt like it was somehow nourishing the tree in some way. It makes sense since plants rely on our exhale to breathe, just as we rely on their exhale to breathe. They need our compost to grow in, so why wouldn’t they be grateful to receive the crap we’ve been holding onto.

I brought little notes, beads and other items and I’d find places to tuck away the gifts for my friend. One day I heard the tree in my heart. He said “I will be here even when your relationship falls away.” It was a somewhat surprising and slightly upsetting thing to hear, but true enough, my relationship did end, and during the times I was aching for some strong arms to hold me, I could go to that tree and know that he was always going to be a grandfather to me and would never break up or betray my trust.

I will admit that I frequently felt self-conscious having a cuddle with my tree friend, but once I realized the kind of big medicine that was being offered so generously for me, I didn’t care what anyone else thought. I simply enjoyed this non-traditional friendship.

I’ve also realized that, as I have tuned in to the healing elements of nature, I’ve been able to get insights about my life, like an oracle. Kind of like hearing the message from the tree about my relationship.

You may not have read the blog on this incredible experience, but about a year ago, I was going for a nature oracle walk and found a beautiful young male fox who had passed away. That was not only a BIG answer to some questions weighing on my heart, it was BIG medicine for me as well. It has continued to bring healing, insights, wisdom and magic I can’t begin to describe. Just one example of the reality that Nature is alive, full of consciousness and, for the most part, is interested in us. Especially when we try to cultivate a respectful relationship with it/them. You may not have little birds weaving ribbons in your hair like Snow White, but it is very possible that you can create a relationship that you can turn to when it seems there is no one you can turn to for support. When it comes right down to it, Nature is the supplier of everything we have: food, medicine, shelter, even our loved ones. We’re all here in physical form because of the gifts of Nature. If that’s not a best buddy, I don’t know what is. Don’t forget this most important relationship. See what magic is waiting for you to tune in.

On June 15h of this month, I’ll be teaching how to use Nature as an oracle. I’ve teamed up with some amazing goddesses: Kaia Ra will be channeling the wisdom of Ascended Master, Diana (one of the Avatars for the Lady of Communion, our archetype for June), and Katherine Glasa will teach us to listen to Nature and cultivate our relationship with the elements. Get your ticket now for this rare and magical event.

Until next week, may the wisdom & medicine of Nature, and the Source be with YOU!
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