The Problem with Science

Amanda tipping hat

There have been a LOT of posts about the importance of science, and science IS important, but . . . “science” can mean a LOT of things.

Monsanto has science behind them but I don’t buy it. I have a friend who is a scientist who says that the reports she’s seen do not support claims of climate change; and there are many scientists who say it is a real and impending issue – I tend to agree with them. NASA has scientists who sent people to the moon, and there are scientists who have interesting arguments that have convinced many that the moon landing couldn’t have happened.

Even when we can look at “just the facts,” there are many ways of interpreting them, what is focused on, what is considered unimportant, what connections are made and what conclusions are drawn.

Scientists have biases that skew their approach and their findings because, come to find out, they’re human. It’s not as straight forward as one might think.

Survival-based programming impacts everyone and it actually can make an impact on something we consider to be static and straight forward, like science.

Add to it all of the purposefully fabricated shit that gets put out there to fill personal agendas and wallets, and it can feel impossible to know what the real truth is, especially if you don’t have the education to pick apart detailed studies and data points.

So it is important, now more than ever, to learn how to feel truth from within. Our bodies know. Our minds can make up and follow and believe all kinds of things – if that wasn’t the case, there wouldn’t be so much divisiveness right now, but deep within us is our innate wisdom. I’m not talking about emotional responses – those are just as wishy washy. There is a knowing we can all tap into.

If you have anxiety or stress in your system or are not actually curious about Truth beyond personal preferences and opinions, then it will be hard to find. We know that our personal data is being mined and we are being given social media stimulants to drive our behaviors in all sorts of ways.

The only way to have a snowball’s chance in hell of breaking free and actually exerting some sense of free will that is guided by higher wisdom is to be able to tap into the Truth that lies buried inside of us. Do you know how to do that?

It can require deep work to dig down beyond the layers of programming from our childhood, our culture, and our ancestral epigenetic inheritances, but it IS possible. The first step is to let yourself be genuinely curious and passionately committed to learn the Truth, even though it might contradict our beliefs (even about ourselves).

Now is the time to take your behaviors and decisions out of the hands of information miners and take back your power. The revolution can’t happen if you can’t stand in your own personal power, and you can’t stand in your personal power if you don’t know what the Truth is.

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