Making Love with GOD: Divine Co-Creation of Your Divine Purpose

Woohoo, Wonderbeings! I’m so excited to say that my new website is officially up and ready to receive all the SuperSt*rs like you who are saying “YES” to live JOYFULLY outside the box!

My personal mission is to help more and more of us who are choosing (or more accurately, really feel there is no choice about it) to live outside the comfort zone, far beyond the mainstream and at the edge of the Mystery, to walk the fringe with unlimited JOY! I’ve found some secrets (mostly the hard way), and instead of standing by smugly and watching my cohort scraping and bruising through the same mistakes I made, I want to share what I’ve learned with you so we can get on the magic carpet ride together and en-joy!

So, to celebrate, I’m going to share with you a powerful download I recently got on how to birth our Divine Purpose, so you can feel the love too. Check out my video blog here, where I give up the goods (there are adorable baby kitties too – I know, it’s a cheap shot, but I couldn’t say no to them).

Make sure to check out the new e-pad. The other pages of this site have other offerings you may like. The shag rug is still all fluffy and welcoming and I’ve got some appetizers you’ll love (sign up for my weekly inspirations and they’ll come directly to your inbox and you’ll get magical bits & bobs you won’t find anywhere else).

xo & <3

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