The Trouble with Spin

spin records

We all do it in some form or another. We can’t help it. We feel connected with people and that changes how we communicate with them. We start to attune to their perspectives and that shifts how we see the world.

But there is a point at which natural resonance and attunement shifts over into spin. You can feel the difference.

Changing what you say about a situation, a person, yourself . . . to influence someone to buy into a story or a position. It’s not lying per se. Everything that’s being shared is true, but there is a purposeful slant that opens an easy slide into perspectives that serve our own personal desires.

It’s human nature and it happens in more than 80% of our conversations. So what makes it troublesome?

Instead of talking about what’s wrong with spin, here’s what NOT spinning creates:

When we speak authentically we are allowing that everything which is in true resonance with us will be attracted to us.

Easier said than done, right? Especially when we take into account that more than 80% of our decisions and behaviors are ruled by the subconscious, and that’s where a LOT of our spin comes from.

Our survival-based, fear-riddled programs are all there in the subconscious, which has full on dominance over us, and you can bet all your crypto-currency that you’re putting spin on everything you communicate when it comes to making money, feeling safe, being liked or approved of by others, moving up in the workplace, attracting a partner, receiving pleasure . . .

Basically, anything that is tied in with our sense of safety and well-being is going to be spun into different sizes, shapes, and flavors based on who we’re dealing with. And like I said before, the problem with that is that we then find ourselves attracting resources, friends, jobs, clients, relationships, and all manner of circumstances that don’t really fit our deep authentic needs, and they don’t support us in living in our Noble Purpose.

In fact, all of this requires a LOT of maintenance because it is not natural. It eats away at our attention, our energy, our joy, and we burn out and then things fall apart.

There are many invisible hooks that extend from our energy body. These are parts of us that are afraid we aren’t going to survive if we don’t have _________________ (Fill in the blank: love, sex, food, sugar, money, a nice car . . . ). They extend out and grasp, push, pull . . . If you are very in tune you can feel it happening. If you aren’t aware of your energy body, it is something that many people can learn.

This hook that grasps, pushes, pulls, and forces pulls us away from the natural flow of abundance and resources that are aligned with our authentic self and burns up all of our reserves.

As I continue to drop deeper and deeper into trust that being my authentic self will serve my best and highest, I'm finding that manifestation is accelerated.

If you have found that you’re working really hard, worn out, overwhelmed, feeling like you don’t have enough, then you are running this in your system and it is killing you a little more every day– death by a thousand cuts.

It’s time to free yourself from those subconscious programs that are going in all the wrong directions and keeping you from Royal Ease.

I have a LOT of resources to support you that are free, and I have some ways of helping you that are profoundly life-changing that are an investment.

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