Ceremony: An Act of Rebellion

How can attending a ceremony be an act of rebellion?

We spend a good chunk of our days moving through programs. How we engage with our screens to communicate, schedule, get information, make plans and connections . . . creates patterns of movement and thought. How we get from one place to another, obeying traffic signs and navigating city design. How we go about feeding and sustaining ourselves . . . all of these experiences have patterns of movement, thought, and behavior, and most of them are created from a human intention of getting you to follow a predictable flow of actions, thoughts, and even feelings.

It may seem benign from the outside, but what we subject ourselves to, daily, continues to create programming that limits the creative thought processes and ways that we shape our lives. We absolutely know that our data is being mined and used to influence our every move online (and that flows into our offline reality too). We can most certainly trust that most of that influence is not aimed at helping us to reach our best and highest potential.

When we step outside of the programmed realms online, and choose to commune with forces and elements that are greater than us that wish us well (Nature, The Holy, Creator, Source . . .), we step into the liminal space of the Unknown. We create a sacred time and space where we come to experience something beyond our current ability to comprehend. We invite in that Higher Wisdom and Energy to help us to elevate our minds, our spirits, and our physical reality. There is no pre-programmed outcome. There is no agenda other than being of service to our healing and personal growth.

If we don’t give ourselves regular opportunities to leave the previously scheduled programs we’ve tuned into and make ourselves available to the magnificent and limitless love, wisdom, healing, and beauty of That Which Created Us (whether we have an anthropomorphic idea of that Source or whether we believe it is completely impersonal and powerful beyond our ability to fully comprehend), we are voluntarily subjecting ourselves to being programmed just like computers and smartphones. If we don’t give ourselves opportunities to access something beautiful, elevated and beyond our current limitations, we are doomed to behave, think, and feel just as the data mining big brothers choose.

Ceremony, when done in a good way, offers a safe and sacred container for us to come and commune with Higher Powers that wish us well and want to help us break through the mundane and lower frequency programming so that we can access our unimaginable happiness and live our Noble Purpose.

This is why I am devoted to bringing Sacred back, building community, and it’s why I founded the Church of Living Wisdom. There are no dogmas here. We are here, as a collective, to create safe and sacred spaces for our diverse community to heal, learn, and grow together (and to break free from the intentional and unintentional programming we subject ourselves to every time we interact with a screen, or a system designed to control human behavior).

We know that Sacred Plant Allies, like mushrooms (Niños Santos), Cannabis (Santa Maria), San Pedro (Huachuma), Ayahuasca, and Iboga offer a quantum leap in breaking free from those old subconscious and external programming, and there is also no need to ingest these medicines if they are not calling to you.

Sound Healing is the oldest and most potent tool in the shaman’s medicine kit since everything in the known Universe is made up of vibrating energy particles. Witnessing our fellow humans in making a prayer for their lives is the foundation of miracle manifestation. Dance, play, and simply engaging with a safe and welcoming community with loving intentions all elevate us because there is no program and little predictability, and it is founded in the best default medicine around: Love.

If you are feeling called to truly shake up the current systems of oppression that are woven into our modern means of survival, then it is essential to not only participate in frequent opportunities to access Source Wisdom, it is important to also learn how to create them for yourself, your family, your community, and in your working environments.

We are starting a year-long Ceremonial Leadership Certification Program to help you learn many ways (from clinical to traditional approaches) for creating safe and sacred spaces and experiences that will help us all to break the programs and start co-creating new ways of seeing, thinking, and being in the world that are in harmony with Creator. (How can we be in harmony with something we never spend time getting to know?).

Religion does not have a monopoly on Spirituality. In fact, it can often stand in the way of truly accessing our own unique relationship with Source, which is sacred and does not require an intercessor or medium.

We are bringing Sacred back as an act of rebellion.

Care to join us?

If you are interested in learning more about our Ceremonial Leadership Certification Program or simply desire a safe and sacred space to heal, learn, and grow with other diverse community members, please contact us to learn more about the best fit for your goals, needs, and desires. :: CLICK HERE :: to fill out an assessment and schedule a call with us.

And until our paths meet . . .

May the Source be with you.

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