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Hey SuperSTAR!
Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s quick inspiration is offered to help you with small or mammoth shadows that are full of shame. But before we drop into that, I want to say how grateful I am for YOU. Thanks so much for taking this magic carpet ride with me! I love your feedback and just knowing that there’s something I have to share that is landing in receptive ears.

If you’re an adult human being, there’s probably at least one thing in your life you feel shame about. Whether it’s something you did when you were a kid, bad habits you try to keep hidden, parts of yourself that could use some growth, or a full on ancestral karmic boulder you carry around, it can create a constant background of distortion that keeps you from really letting your awesome SuperSTAR shine.

There’s one key I’ve found for helping to turn parts of myself from feeling shame to being claimed and the scoop is here for you now.

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Yup, as odd as it may seem, offering compassion and gratitude towards that shame (not necessarily the actions that caused it or the experiences involved) is one of the best ways to let it straighten itself up, find some dignity and self-respect and start showing up as one of your SuperSTAR teammates. That background noise diminishes and you find yourself fueled with more energy, more clarity and more conscious support of the positive things you are walking towards.

Grief can often come up when we let the shame out into the light. Grief over wounds caused to us, wounds we’ve caused. Let that grief out. Write about it, exercise it out, shout it out (into a pillow is great), make some art, or do a Pippy Longstocking move after Thanksgiving and break all of your dishes instead of washing them.

Once the grief is out, the shame, now being owned and no longer hidden in the dark, will find a natural path towards health. From this place, if it is possible to bring healing to the situation that brought on the shame, those ideas will emerge. If nothing can be done at this point, then the wisdom from the experience will now be an asset that will offer insight and the ability to do something better in the future.

Sometimes we can find that the very thing we were ashamed of is actually something to be proud of (like when I was little, being tall, uber smart and physically mature were all really painful, but now they are things I am proud to claim as a part of who I am and what formed me as I developed).

When the shame is over something big, like the devastation of land and culture of indigenous peoples by many of our European forefathers, letting it out and owning it can inspire and empower us to behave in ways that take steps in the right direction toward preventing such things from happening again.

If you’re ready to let go of shame and start to claim all of you, let me know how it goes! Shoot me a message! I’d love to hear about it..

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Until next week, may gratitude fill your life and may the Source be with you!
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  1. Ferrara on November 28, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    This is in line with what I’m dealing with this week, feeling deep shame around something I did to myself (and thereby to God and to all my relations, since we are all connected). And I am having difficulty working with it, praying to have that shame (and the fear that provoked my unskillful actions) melted away, with love and compassion.

    Odd that you did not mention forgiveness in your talk, since that piece seems so fundamental to healing the shame, whether it is shame borne of something we did or something that was done to us. I need to forgive myself, definitely, having a hard time with it, in the way an addict will beat herself up after a relapse.

    Learning to meet all the unwholesome and destructive parts of myself, be they wrong thoughts or wrong actions or unpleasant feelings, with compassion, as a Zen teacher said to me recently…

    • admin on December 9, 2013 at 11:28 pm

      Thanks for your deep share, Ferrara;
      I didn’t mention forgiveness, since it has come up so many times in other blogs. It has been the focus and something I refer to often. This blog was a different perspective.

    • admin on December 9, 2013 at 11:28 pm

      Thanks for your deep share, Ferrara;
      I didn’t mention forgiveness, since it has come up so many times in other blogs. It has been the focus and something I refer to often. This blog was a different perspective.

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